wonderful world of food aversions

I am supposed to be eating for three.  (Well not really...  I really do not condone over-eating for pregnancy... in which I mean just having a free for all with what you put in your mouth).  I can barely eat for one.

I wake up feeling like food is the last thing I want to see.  I choke back some juice and wait.... and wait... and wait until finally my body says fine you can eat something already.  After which I eat something... which is usually something out of the realm of what I would normally consider normal for breakfast eating.

A couple of hours pass and I know I should eat something else but the water in my mouth tells me to reconsider.  I mentally take go down the list of the foods available to me and see what, if anything, seems remotely appetizing....

I imagine you are getting the picture by now...  I have a major issue with food aversions... add in a major case of ever present nausea and it makes for one big dilemma.

Here is the bizzare combination of what I ate today... brace yourself....

orange juice, two brown unsalted rice cakes.... three pm... boiled eggs on an everything bagel (I know the thought of this makes me gag just thinking about it now), part of a fruit salad, a fortune cookie.... six pm.... two spring roles, a protein smoothie and a small bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream....

Disgusting!  Oh and to top it off it is my Husband's birthday today and the food aversion monster has rendered it impossible to frequent a nice restaurant... so he is suffering along with me.

Help. Me.

I am really hoping this stage only lasts for a few more weeks.

Please tell me that you have some advice for overcoming food aversions or for triumphing over nausea (which does not include a drug)!!!


  1. No help, no advice, just sympathy. I'm back at work dealing with nausea, which over the holidays I could control with napping and snacking on bizarre things. But at work I can't nap and I don't have the options of my whole kitchen available to me. I'm just trying to have whatever I think I can stomach.

    But they say it doesn't last - and it's worth it!

  2. Just some more sympathy here - first tri likes to test you in a number of ways!

  3. it doesn't last!!! around week 12 you'll be feeling much better. I remember that I couldn't even prepare meals during my first trimester... poor husband had to eat a lot of frozen dinners. Can you stomach peppermint tea? That helps with nausea... Also go see the naturopath - there are lots of herbal remedies.

  4. Hey dear – I can’t believe we’re both having twins… Exciting stuff. But I’m right with you on the food issues. All I can say is today has been my best day and my biggest change has been switching to lots of small meals. Juice is working, cold fruit: specifically oranges and tart apples. Rice cakes for me too! Crystallized ginger and plain yogurt. No other dairy sources seem appealing. Meals and snacking is really hard – and I just said yesterday I don’t think I had even been taking in enough calories for one person… but today has been better. Small meals super often – even if you have to force it. And lots of water. Take care – thinking of you.

  5. Ugh, so glad I didn't have to deal with that. I guess thats one of the pluses of carrying twins lol. I think you are doing the best you can and thats all you can do. It will get better soon.

  6. When did your food adversions start? I have had only moments of 'ickiness', but not any nausea yet. Probably too early still.

    One of my girlfriends had morning sickness (with a singleton) from 4 weeks to 6 months, horrible vomiting everyday! I don't think it matters if its one or two babies, its how your body handles all the hormones!


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