FPIES... a post about puke

About a month ago we had a friday night that went like this...

we were out of our usual organic brown rice cereal... I gave them organic oatmeal instead (that they'd had before... I swear they had it before).  They gobbled that stuff down like they were born to eat it... all seemed well... that is until about two hours passed and we heard Isla cry through the monitor... Andrew called for backup... she'd thrown up all over... everywhere.  So we thought she must have a bug... but then fifteen minutes later Alice woke up and threw up everywhere.  The throwing up continued until there was nothing left to do but gag.  I was on the phone with  tele-health for quite a while... thank god for phone-a-ble reassurance.  Since Alice threw up too we ruled out a virus and blamed the situation on food.  We thought there was no way it was the oatmeal so it must have been the organic chicken + vegetables that we opened that night.

fast forward...

to yesterday.

I take the girls to the grocery store and they act like we are at Disney world.  They kick and smile and are generally just hilarious to watch as I push them through the store.  We are there to buy more rice cereal.  They are out.  So what do I do... I buy two options... the first Heinz brown rice cereal (which to my horror, is actually YELLOW when you make it...) the second being organic mixed grain cereal (this was the winner... this is what we fed them last night).  They loved it.  Two hours later the puking began.  I have to tell you... it truly is horrible watching your babies puke... so helpless... so sad.  It ended in gags.

So today... I turned to good old dr. google.  and google tells me that they have FPIES.  (Severe food allergy that causes a delayed (2 hour +) vomiting reaction.  check.  It makes complete sense.

So I will never feed them oatmeal again... and by never I mean I will not feed them oatmeal until they are at least three (the age at which dr. google says you might be able to reintroduce the culprit food again reaction free).

Did I mention that I eat oatmeal every single day for breakfast?

so that's what new with me.  have you heard of FPIES?


  1. OMG! poor babies, and poor parents.

  2. One of my boys did the exact same thing after eating oatmeal- I felt terrible! I think oatmeal is a fairly commen food allergy.
    Poor babies- at least it is an easy fix!

    1. yes easy fix for now... until they eat real big people food ... then i guess we will have to avoid anything with oats!?

  3. thanks so much for posting this! i did not know about it.

    i hope the girls are feeling much better. they are growing so fast and are absolutely adorable. also, the pictures of them rolling around your clean, neat, stylish home inspires me to straighten up and think about some decor...

  4. I had never heard of that, and I'm sorry you had to learn about it the way you did. Poor girls. :( Maybe when you try it again down the road they will do better with it.

  5. oh the poor girls! And poor you guys too, for cleaning up x2, x2. Glad you identified the oats as the culprit but hopefully you will be able to reintroduce it later on for them.

  6. Oh man! That is horrible! I have never heard of that! That is crazy that they BOTH have it! l Poor babies :-(

  7. Are you also avoiding rice? My 6 month old had the same reaction to rice cereal twice (vomiting 2 hours after eating) and the first time the pediatrician chalked it up to it just not sitting well, but when it happened again after rice cereal, and lots of googling, I am convinced her also has FPIES. He suggested trying oatmeal, but I am terrified. Have you gotten any good answers from your dr?


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