The Bachelor Canada... week 5 recap... a week late

I hope you're having a wonderful week. This is a week late... and in point form... (but I am passed the 11000 word mark for NaNoWriMo... so please forgive me)

It's hometown week

-they both like mint chocolate chip ice cream
-he's the second guy to ever meet her parents. 
-andrew's annoyed that Brad's laces are undone
-her parents apparently don't really speak english, okay that turned out to be a joke
-i kind of like her more because of her family

-on granville island in vacouver (makes me miss my sister)
-her uncle has a boat and he's going to take them on a tour.
-she's the type of person you can start a life with according to Brad
-she seems real to me
-i want some strawberries and champagne too (hint hint Andrew)
-he asks if she's so attached to BC (hmm this could be a good sign)
-ouch Brad had a 60% average in after first year (overshare to the future father in law?)
-this entire family is quality people according to Brad (I seem to agree)
-oh god he's holding a baby, if she wasn't into him before, she will be now (what's with a man with a baby that is so damn hot)
-she loves him

-isn't she freezing, a little dress and it's pouring out
-this is their first one on one date?
-takes him to a senior's residence where she volunteers (didn't see that coming)
-now they're at her place and there's a baby... with strange hair (no sideburns???)
-her gay cousin is hitting on brad, or pretending to
-triscuit plug
-4 coors lights on the table (another plug)

-okay i stopped typing at this point but i remember she was her usual unemotional self.
-her dad asked awkward questions
-her twin seemed much shorter than her but maybe it was just heels?

rose ceremony:
-whitney's dress is hideous
-kara picked first (i'm pleased)
-gabby goes home

At this point I'm rooting for Kara but have this nagging feeling that he will do like all bachelors and pick the one who's wrong for him... being whitney.

did you watch it?

happy wednesday (or for me... breaking the 12000 word mark day)!