After the first 50 000

I meant to write this post everyday since I hit the 50 000 word mark but then I just couldn't. I felt like it needed to be perfect but of course it doesn't. In truth the first 50 000 was easy for me, it is this next 50 000 that has me worried.

The last few days I avoided finishing, I wrote less than the 1667+ words I had written every day that month. I didn't want it to be done even though I knew that 50 000 wouldn't mean the end, not even close.

Then Thursday night came and I was actually past 50 000. I wrote my 50 000th word at Starbucks surrounded by three other women doing NaNoWriMo.

When I left, well I don't think I felt that thrill of accomplishment since I wrote my final university exam. Full body goosebumps... yep that was me.

Then I wrote 1000 words on Friday (which I have decided will be my daily goal until I get to the end of this first novel of mine).

Then I decided to have a life for the weekend (well really it was decided for me since Andrew surprised me by sending me to Montreal with three girlfriends to shop on Saturday)

Today I felt a bit defeated having not written anything all weekend. But then I wrote my 1000 words tonight at Starbucks and I feel back on track.

It feels a little lonely out here, post NaNo, a little like I just got home from a big trip, all of that excitement that was NaNo now gone but I am determined.

One day I will write more about how great NaNoWriMo was to me (you can read two examples here and here). For now I will use that energy to write my novel.

and in case you missed it... it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas over here


  1. I stumbled across your blog through your NaNo profile and I have to say that I'm worried about the rest of my novel too. It's harder to keep going without the deadline and camaraderie of NaNo. I'd be interested in continuing to meet up at Starbucks for write-ins. Somebody holding me to my writing goals can only help!

  2. Yes let's do it!

    I can meet this friday evening or on the weekend or any night next week.

    1. Friday sounds good to me! We can figure out future meet-ups from there.

    2. I'll be there around 7... hopefully you will be there!

    3. I just got here. See you soon. :)


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