behind and outnumbered

It all started in February, the first week is what my foggy brain tells me. Yes it was a cold day (like every damn cold day this winter...sometimes I feel like we're living in game of thrones and this winter is actually going to last for YEARS).. either way, Alice approached me ten minutes shy of nap time and dutifully informed me that she was going to to nap but not Isla. It went like this...

Alice: my nap
Me: yes it's nap time soon
Alice: Isla awake
Me: no. It's nap time for Isla too

I thought it was odd at first and tried to tell myself that Alice was just being strange because two year olds are strange all of the time... But then we got to their room and Isla was all, no nap, my ( because my is me apparently) awake.

I laughed it off whilst internally shuddering and promptly put them to bed in their cribs and went downstairs. They're two and a half, they're going to nap until school right....

That's when the singing began. Not me in case there's any question of that... But Isla.

After thirty minutes of lullabies I went to investigate.

Just as I'd been warned, Alice was asleep and Isla...completely awake.

That was scheme number one.

In a month they've surpassed that first move with flying colours...
1. They climbed put of the cribs (actually I found a stack of books on the ground which suggests that one climbed out and then created the stack so they second could follow)
2. They figured out how to open their bedroom door
3. We took down the full rail and replaced it with a half, fully admitting to the defeat
4. Yesterday they emptied the ENTIRE contents of their closet in just under an hour

So yeah, I'm so damn behind of this whole photo a week thing but I can deal with that. What I'm not sure about yet is how I will survive with no more nap time.


  1. This is devastating. I literally don't know what I would do without nap time. It is when I get my homework for grad school done on the weekends. Fingers crossed that this is just a phase for them.

  2. Oof, a few other blog friends have waved the white flag to nap time too. Chloe is still in her crib (thankfully she hasn't figured out that she could quite easily climb out due to the number of animals she could stack up in her crib) and so even if she doesn't sleep, she'll play quietly for an hour or two. Would your girls have "quiet time" in their room if they don't want to sleep? Good luck, girl! :)

  3. Uh oh....good luck is right! Hoping this is just a SHORT phase. Ps I love how this was pre planned between those little ladies!

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