Gift Simple | How to make Christmas shopping easy

The invitation was simple. Come to the mall. Shop for your gifts. And share.

Should I do it? I asked my husband.

Do you want to? He answered.

Yes. But it’s live.

Can you do it and not be stressed? We can’t have you stressed right now.


You see, I am a grown woman, confident in many ways, but sca…

Candid Infertility

Every January, a pink and yellow bill arrives - the multi layered kind where you tear off your own receipt and put it in the box with the five others.

I hardly remember the first bill, I definitely don't recall the last two (since they never arrived), but I remember the middle years. The years…

A honeymoon Mantra

You’ll need the malaria test, she says, louder than I deem necessary.

She slips the requisition from my paused fingers and writes on it with big bold script. I feel marked, branded and something akin to a leper. I slide my health card from the reception desk and back away to a vacant chair, avoidin…

The Secret Life of Mothers

Last Thursday I was seated, legs crossed in black leggings, on my comfortable yet hideous office chair. The door - closed.

For those of you that have seen pictures of my home office, you now know that I’ve been lying to you. For that, I do not apologize. I insist on maintaining the visual illusion…

Doing It