love birds

No, I'm not talking about my Husband and I, although I will delve more into that in my next post.  What I am talking about is the print that is hopefully in the mail on its way to its new home in our house.

With the first day of fall now here, I have decided that it is time to dive into some new house projects.  Luckily this print was extremely affordable so it can bypass my usual excuse these days.... "I can't, we're buying a baby."  Yes I realize that we are not actually buying a baby, we are buying the chance at a baby.. or two.

Love Birds by onceuponapaper


  1. Great print! Where are you planning on putting it?

  2. Well I'm - well really we're - not exactly sure. I am debating painting out an old frame of a big painting that we haven't found a home for yet in this house and starting a wall of prints... location to be determined.. maybe the office or maybe the main room... thoughts?

  3. Oh wow that's a great idea! Hmm.. well, the office is pretty bright, maybe the prints would add some nice colour in there! But I can't really remember the rest of the house.. and I'm no designer haha. I'm sure wherever you put it will look great!

  4. Love it. Just ordered 3 prints from the same artist for my bedroom. Perhaps you should rethink that interior decorator career...

  5. Hahaha god I wish! Which ones did you get??


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