my breakup with the pill

I had a solid relationship with the Pill for a good 10 years.  It provided me with security, lowered anxiety and good skin.  Our breakup occurred roughly a year ago, was not mutual and did not end well for either party.  The pill managed to take off with my health and left me unprepared for the raw emotional state it left me in.

Who gets hot flashes in their 20's - me and not just once, let's try more like every night for a good three months until my naturopath introduced me to a miracle liquid which put out the recurring fires immediately.  Next we have raging acne, although not a completely foreign concept to me it managed to reduce me to a hermit who cried at the site of herself in a mirror.  Add in the sudden food sensitivities and lack of a cycle for several months and you will understand why I will never take up with the pill again.

Luckily I came out on top in a few areas..

I discovered that there is a wonderful alternative to our health care system - pay for it yourself and seek a naturopath.  This helped get to root of why my body was rebelling post pill breakup and has put a halt to the raging acne. 

I also realized that when I was on the pill everything felt kind of hazed over where as now everything feels so raw and emotional. I honestly feel everything. My husband might disagree but I secretly really love this part of the breakup!

In short, I kind of wish the pill and I had never been introduced and that google had been more popular 10 years ago so I could have investigated its not so pleasant secrets!