where was the caution sign?

We decided to start trying when I was 26 years old almost exactly a year ago.  Personally I thought getting pregnant would be easy as my mom always said that she could blink and be pregnant.  I thought fertility clinics were for people who found each other later in life.  Oh I was so wrong.

I was laying on a table full of acupuncture needles when my Naturopath broke the news of my Husband's semen analysis - he was low - too low to be tested.  This was five months into our trying to become three mission.  It took us a while to absorb what exactly this meant.  My Husband tried to remain optimistic while we tried some herbal remedies but my obsessive google-ing opened up my eyes to a world that I never wanted to know, that of infertility.

Fast forward to July and we found ourselves at the fertility clinic excited to move forward.  Enter a whole slew of tests for my Husband, a referral to a urologist and more tests to come for me. 

3000... my Husband's count was at 3000.  This was worse then we had anticipated.  A lovely hormone called FSH was through the roof which meant that his brain was telling his body to produce sperm but his body wasn't living up to the task at hand.

Fast forward to today and we have our consent appointment booked and we're eager to get this needle party started and turn our family of two into three... or maybe four....

Looking back a year I would have loved if someone could have given me a few words of caution.  Maybe if more people talked about infertility I wouldn't have been so naive in the first place.


  1. Best of luck on your upcoming cycle! It feels great to record this crappy experience. Looking back at my first blog post from last September /October I never imagined I'd be where I am only 1 year later. I hope that soon enough your 2 becomes 3.

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere and thanks for stopping by my blog! I do wish you all the best with this IVF! I just did a recent post on IVF advice in case you didn't see it when you came by! I'm your very first follower! Yay! And I just added your link to my blogroll! (http://stressfreeinfertilityblog.com)

  3. Wishing you great success on IVF! And good for you for putting yourself out there!


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