how hard could it be, or my hexagonal tile pursuit

Yesterday's attempts to abolish the headache can be chalked up to one word... fail. Now I will admit that my mid day emergency acupuncture appointment provided immediate relief and left me in a temporary state of bliss.. unfortunately the headache was just bound and determined to have one last go at my sanity.

I was able to distract myself for a couple of hours with a much needed trip to Home Sense for some Christmas (yes I just said IT already and it is only October) decorating shopping with my Mom. We may just have two new additions to our not so humble abode... white reindeer. I think I am almost more excited to see the cats with this new addition then the actual decor factor of the purchase.

Speaking of decor. I am still mulling over our front entrance-way. I firmly believe that the former home owners thought that they were purchasing a Mexican Hacienda when selecting the ceramic tiles in our entrance-way. While I have been perusing online inspiration ideas, I had yet to find one that really pulled me in. That was until last week. Last week I purchased the new House and Home magazine and fell in love with Suzanne Dimma's front entrance-way.

This is Suzzane's front entrance-way pre November 2010 issue.  The newest image can be viewed here.
I love the hexagonal penny floor tiles.  I need them.  How hard could it possibly be to smash out the existing tile and install this gorgeous tile which will certainly add some much needed character to our five year young home?  Time for some intense google-ing which will hopefully answer the above posed question and get me one step closer to losing the Mexican tile.

Oh and as a final note, I have nothing against Mexican decor... I would live in Mexico if I could.... I just do not believe it belongs in my home in Canada.


  1. Your blog is so beautiful! I am really looking forward to reading the rest of it this weekend and following you.

    The tile in that picture is beautiful by the way... very inspirational.

    Good luck next Tuesday... we will have to swap notes! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Love love love the tiles!! I think it would look great in your house!

  3. Oh what a great idea for entranceway tiles!! Can't wait to see your before and afters ;)

  4. Nice tile! Great choice - I hope you are able to make the dream a reality!

  5. Oh my! Your blog is soooooooo beautiful! I love all the pictures. The hexagonal tiles are Awesome!! I hope you find a way to put them in your front foyer and say adios to the Mexican tile. I could maybe go for Mexican tile in a Canadian kitchen at the cottage. Maybe. But maybe not.

    I saw your beautiful pix of old Montreal. So beautiful, isn't it. That's where I come from, so I've visited that area since I was a kid. Your pictures were really gorgeous, and I was glad to read that you and your honey had a good time.

    Also, we are gluten free sisters! No gluten for you and no gluten for Augusta :( Baguettes are really hard to cross on the street. Sigh. I go back to my rice bread.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I was glad you visited and left me a little comment. Good luck with preparing for the IVF. I really hope all goes well.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog - I love the entry way idea and couldn't help but laugh at the hacienda talk, I can totally relate!

  7. Okay I am officially on a mission. I am loving that tile more and more every day. I have done some preliminary google-ing and have yet to find an Ottawa source for this tile. I have found some online options that are pricey. Where are those hidden gem tile stores that you always see on Sarah Richardson's adventures???


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