party dresses, a monitoring appointment and fifty followers...oh my!

First...some eye candy...we are embarking on a festive season...which means lots of excuses to dress up!

Dance Away Dress via Anthropologie... who doesn't love a little black dress!  This one looks perfect to dress up or down.

Stilled Night Dress via Anthropologie... this one is so surprisingly affordable...where could I wear this...think, think, think!
Now to the more serious topic at hand... my day four monitoring appointment which took place this morning.  Things are looking as they should so far, or that is what the doctor said anyways.  My antral follicle count is sitting at thirty one and I have one additional follicle which is past the nine millimeter benchmark... so it is ahead of the gang.  What this all means I am not exactly clear on.  I did do some investigative work on the internet and came up with some information which leads me to believe that my antral count is good at this point but that what really matters is that the follicles keep on growing so they can join that one above the nine milimeter mark.

I was told to go ahead and add the third medication in which is called Repronex.  Repronex is similar to Puregon as it too is a stimulant ... it differs as Repronex also stimulates LH ... which is what I am lacking in the present state.  So more hormones... here I come!  At this point I am accepting the hormones with open arms, time to get bloated and get this show on the road!

Now I need to mention how happy I am that I have reached the fifty followers mark!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for following along my journey, especially through all of the ups and downs!

Hopefully I will be this chipper tomorrow am... post three injections!


  1. I'm totally in love with that second dress! Great number of follies, now grow little ones, grow!

  2. I love the dresses! Congrats on your follies ~ you're gonna do great! Keep growing little eggies! :)

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for the post on my blog. To answer your question the doctor didn't say anything about having a dominant follicle she just said there should be more soon. She acted like it was no big deal which surprised me but then she called back to say I would need more that doesn't really add up. Anyways trying to stay positive and hoping that the extra drugs kick start things!

  4. Grow, follies, grow! Oh, and congrats on 50 followers! Glad to be one of them. :-)

  5. Great antral follie count! And I can't even tell you how much I love the navy dress!!!

  6. Sounds like your appointment went great! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more good news at future appointments. How are you doing with the injections? I always do fine with the subcutaneous injections. I have issues with the progesterone injection in the muscle. Will you be doing that injection as well or does your doctor use a vaginal progesterone?

  7. I'm drooling over both those dresses - <3 anthrologie.

    And holy crap - 31 follies? Now I'm really drooling ;)

  8. Go follicles - sounds like you're doing great!

  9. I just discovered anthropologie 2 weeks ago when I visited Seattle. I came close to personal bankruptcy in that discovery. Luckily, some reasonable voice in me told me to just walk away. That was very difficult. They have beautiful clothes. Thanks for the 2 dresses. Adorable!

    That's good news on your follies. Wooohooo! I'm sending them happy growing thoughts.

  10. Returning the ICLW love - that second dress is really beautiful! I couldn't decide whether to comment on the post with the cat photos, or this one :)

    Congrats on your followers [I'll add myself to the list :)] and all the best with everything.


  11. So glad your follicles are on track...will be sending good thoughts their way!

  12. Love the dresses! You will be stunning at your holiday parties!

  13. Thanks again for another post on my blog. I feel like we are going through the same things at the same time and it is so comforting. I am actually feeling good about everyone keeps telling me we only need one (or two in our case because were wanting to transfer two embryos).
    Take care,


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