What's another needle...

I started out today a bit excited.  Excited to get things moving and to start the stimulants already.  I breezed through the blood-work... oh the wonders of what having a needle every day for sixteen days can do!  I waited all morning and for the better part of the afternoon in nervous anticipation of the phone call that I would receive to give me the green light to go ahead.  Well eventually I got a nurse on the phone and what I got was closer to a yellow light.  Yes we have the go ahead to start the Puregon stims tomorrow... but how does another needle to add to the mix sound...

It sounds like me wanting to close myself in a sound proof room and let out a good hard scream.  Now that I have gotten that out of the way...well not really... a thirty minute acupuncture session definitely relieved some of that pent up anger and frustration so I will hold off on sourcing that sound proof room for a while longer.

I believe the culprit of this added needle is my LH level... or lack there of apparently.  It is low.  Am I surprised, no... disappointed yes.  Could something please be easy for a change?

So to salvage this night I am pulling out the Christmas tree (yes we have a fake one) and I am putting it up.  I realize we have not yet reached December, but at this point I just do not care.  North Pole... here we come!

Old Fashioned Vintage Christmas Tree fine art photograph by Maclancey via Etsy


  1. I'm sorry you had a rough day :(
    Christmas trees always make me feel better, too. You should post a pic of yours when you have it up and decorated! :)

  2. Grr....that sucks! I actually had a very similar day. I went for my day 0 ultra sound and blood work and the nurse told me I wasn't surpressed. Then they booked me for an afternoon appointment to see the dr. to discuss the next step. So I leave the clinic finally get on the highway and stuck in traffic and then they call me back and say that in fact I am surpressed. WTF don't they know they are dealing with a basket case here. I can not handle this Bull Sh*T!
    Anyways, sorry about your day. I know the only thing that made me feel better was drinking hot chocolate and looking at my Christmas tree!

  3. Hope today is better. Acupuncture can do wonders. We have a fake one too... they really look real nowadays and you can put it up/leave it up longer. xo

  4. Oh no. I'm sorry you have to add another injection to the mix. If you ever wanted to cure yourself of needle aversion, it seems that fertility treatments are the way to go! Can't avoid them.
    I'm sorry that it's feeling so hard right now, and I really hope that the rest of the cycle is breezy.

  5. Glad you get to start stims, but sorry about the extra needle! You definitely deserve to put up the Christmas tree early.


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