en suite facelift

About a month ago when I was only on suprefact and the pill I thought I would paint our master en-suite.  I chose Farrow & Ball's Pavillion Grey and went to town on three of the walls.

Then I started Puregon.... then I gained seven pounds and could no longer bend... really at all... so Andrew took over the painting.

Of course the whole painting the walls thing spiraled into re-doing the cabinets, replacing the hardware, replacing the counter-top, purchasing new lights and of course new accessories.  So a one hundred dollar project turned into a slightly larger project.... but the end result was worth it!

Here are some before pictures...

And here are the afters...

It is so much brighter in there and the brown is officially gone from our home.... did I mention that I am not a fan of brown as a decorating scheme for an entire house! 

Yes it still lacks the carrera marble coutertop that I covet and I would also love to rip that wall in half between the shower and the vanity and make it a half glass wall, tear out the pre fab shower and install a nice tiled, glass wall shower... oh and add in some heated floors of course but for now I am very happy with the end result!

In other news... I am officially done my Christmas shopping!  I was ninety percent done about a month ago and I finally picked up the rest of the list today.  Big sigh of relief!  Only two more full days until Christmas!


  1. LOVE ALL OF IT. I'm not fond of brown, but it wasn't horrid to begin with. But I think it's great now. And I love the vase that looks a black pearl with the fresh inside that matches the glass bottle. I know that's not part of the hard work, but brilliant nonetheless! New fixtures look great too - and the candle holders!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I am just a bit jealous of your bathroom.

    ICLW #29

  3. Wow! It looks amazing! Want to come and redo my bathroom next?!

  4. The new bathroom looks very beautiful, and congrats on finishing X-mas shopping. :)

  5. VERY impressed!

    What a wonderful way to close out 2010. May 2011 bring you only good things, Ashley. And very little brown!

    ICLW #9

  6. wow - it looks really good - i really really relaly want that tub!!!

  7. Pretty! I love that tub.


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