no news means good news

We did not receive a call from the clinic today which means that so far everything is on track for a five day transfer on Monday.  So far so good!!

Happy weekend!

ps... don't you love this dress?

Dreamy Wanderings Dress via Anthroplogie


  1. Happy weekend and congrats!

  2. Both the dress and the jacket are very nice.
    Relax and rest before your transfer on Monday.

  3. I love she's wearing it at a cottage (or something :))


  4. Woohoo.....a five day transfer is great news! I wish they would call either way just for the reassurance. Oh well, I guess with 10 there isn't so much to worry about. I hope those little babies are dividing like crazy!

  5. Woohoo for a 5 day transfer! Grow babies, grow! Beautiful dress! I love how you just randomly post pics like that :-)

  6. Somehow the 5 day transfer sounds better than the 3 day transfer to me. I don't have solid grounding in facts here, just a few things I've read on the subject; but it just sounds better to me. I also like that it gives you a bit more time to rest from the surgery.

    Beautiful dress!

  7. That's great! Fingers crossed!

    By the way, you post the most gorgeous stuff from etsy and other stores on your blog -- I've bought more than one thing after seeing it here. :)


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