warm thoughts

Today is my first full day of waiting... and hoping and sending warm thoughts to my embryos.  I have spent most of the day in chair.  Curiously both of our cats seem to have taken up permanent posts wherever I am... it is almost as if they know what is going on and that they are working for the cause.

My weight went up this morning (fail) so the clinic is a bit concerned of OHSS worsening but I am feeling better so I think it is on its way out.  I have been very good so far... no google-ing or excessive craziness.  I mean it is only day one post transfer but I will take each small triumph as a win.

I hope I can keep my sanity.  More than anything I hope that our embryos are sticking in there nicely and settling in for the long haul!

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  1. I hope you are in for the long haul. My cat knows what's going on so I bet yours do too. My cat sat on my stomach yesterday and kept kneeding it. He also keeps lying on my stomach.

  2. I'm sorry about the OHSS. I pray that you stay healthy. My 3 kitties always know when something's up. i love that. Good luck to you. Lots of sticky, positive, warm fuzzies to you and your embies!

  3. warm, sticky thoughts to your embies. Glad that you are resting with feline company.
    I hope the OHSS signs will dissipate soon.

  4. Hey there you! I'm sending such positive energy your way...been thinking about you (all of you!) a lot : ) As for the meows, they know everything and they are staying close to you for love and support xo

  5. Hey, thinking of you and sending you bright light. Lots of rest and positive gentle thoughts.

  6. Thinking of you and your little embies!

    Animals are amazing. My Golden has been so snuggly over the past six weeks. He can just tell when I need a hug. I'm sure your cats are using all their power to grow those embryos!

  7. I have been think about you and your embies!! I hope they stick and you have a happy and healthy pregnancy :)


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