give me some summer

This weather is really starting to get to me... and.... it's only January.  Could the sun at least make an appearance?  Please!  This weather is really throwing me into some serious babymoon wishing... southern babymoon to be precise. 

Since it is still unclear as to whether or not a babymoon is in the cards for us, I will settle for dreaming right now...

and I will paint my toenails a punchy coral so that at least when I look at my feet I will think summer!

Summer Memory by A Life Through The Lens via etsy
I Dream of Plastic Summers by elgarboart via etsy
Dew by raelindsay via etsy
Highway Surf Patrol by elgarboart via etsy

Happy Pink and Green Thursday!


  1. aaaahhh i'm dreaming of summer days myself... that watermelon looks phenom.

  2. This is the mood I'm in. Something southern and warm. I need the breeze and sand between my toes. I want to long for fall simply because I'm over summer. . . right now, the snow is at the bottom of my list. P.S. I just painted my toes as if they were ready to peak through some sandals.

  3. Hi Ashley: Nothing like a pink toenail pick me up! I tried to do the Pink and Green Thursday...not sure it is working on my blog and it is so far down. Oh well.

  4. You've read my mind!!! We've decided since we are doing IVF #2 not to go South this winter, and I don't think I am handling this winter thing very well (especially without a prospect of a Caribbean vacation). Hope you'll get your babymoon soon :)

  5. So beautiful! I love all the photos- perfect for dreaming of summer! xoxo

  6. I'm dreaming about summer and warm weather too... how much longer until May?!

  7. Hello dearest Ashley! Thank you so very much for linking up for Pink & Green Thursday, and please forgive my delay in getting over here to comment on this incredibly gorgeous post! Oh I can almost taste the watermelon after looking at that first wonderful picture! The dew picture is spectactular, I would love to capture a shot like that. Highway Surf Patrol, what a perfect title for that sweet shot. And is there anything better than a pinky pedicure to get us in the mood for warmer weather? :)
    I am loving your beautiful blog and can't wait to read more!!
    Hugs and xxx!

  8. I am totally in love with that watermelon picture - have featured it on my blog before!


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