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I am not a car person... I don't swoon over the sight of a luxury vehicle and I drove my last car... the car that my parents purchased when I was sixteen and let me take with me when we bought our first condo and moved out at twenty two, until I could no longer lock the front door for fear of it never opening again.  I would simply just rather spend the money on clothes, or a trip, or a pedicure!

Unfortunately we do need to have two cars and Andrew's car was dying a slow and agonizing death and is now incapable of being revived unless we choke up another thousand dollars.  No use throwing money at a dying car.  In addition, as I mention on an almost daily basis, we are expecting twins.  I just don't think the Jetta is cut out for that!  I've been driving the new car, a 2010 Mazda 3 Sport, and for a car it truly is great, but I recognize the fact that we need more space.

The word minivan sends tremors down my spine. 

I just don't think we are ready for that, as practical as it may be.  So we are considering SUVs, well cross overs to be precise.  We will also look at the Mazda 5, which in reality is a condensed mini van.  We are telling ourselves that it isn't, that it's sporty, but we know down deep inside that it's closer to a van than we would like to admit.

We would like to make a decision this week.  Once you're used to two cars, it's hard to survive with only one.  Wish us luck!  And if you have any non-mini-van advice please do share!

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  1. we just had a little girl, and sadly, had to give up our jetta *tear* it was the saddest day for me! we now drive a mazda love! goodluck on the car hunt!

  2. Good luck!! My colleague fits 3 kids (2 in carseats) in the back of his you will be able to survive sans-mini van

  3. I too have the mazda 3... hatchback. Have you looked at the Mazda 9? My uncle in law works for mazda and is trying to talk us into it. It has the 3rd row seating that folds down (great for pack-and-plays and double strollers)!

    We went and test drove a couple suv's last weekend and each time I sit in the middle of the back row and invision two carseats... am I going to be comfortable? Its helped narrow our decision a bit :) Good luck!

  4. Good luck with car shopping. I hope you found something that fits two adults and twins, without being squarely in the minivan category.

  5. I don't like car shopping either! The car salesmen are ruthless! I have the Lexus RX330 and love it. Not a full-on SUV, but big enough to carry things around and very roomy! Good luck in your search :) xoxo

  6. While we are kidless at the moment, I drive a Passat station wagon. I had a Jetta and loved it so stuck with Volkswagon. While I LOVE having a wagon, I wouldn't recomment the Passat. Lots of issues and overpriced.


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