sliced and diced husband

I've been a bit absent the past couple of days as I have been taking care of Andrew.... who currently looks like this...

Okay so I'm being a tad dramatic... or he is.  He had an arthroscopic labral shoulder repair done yesterday.  If you're curious about the specifics of this surgery (and do not have a weak stomach) you can watch this video.  This was no surprise surgery.... this was two years in the making.  You see, Andrew is a tad competitive, okay he is extremely competitive and chose to dive during recreational touch football..... almost two years ago.  His shoulder hasn't been right since and it takes months and months to schedule this type of surgery here. 

I was most nervous about the anesthesia but when I picked him up his voice was all weird and he proceeded to explain that rather then putting him under, they gave him a block.  A block is a nice way of saying a a needle used to freeze nerves.. in his case this warranted a needle in the neck.... yuck.  The plus side was that he felt no pain at all yesterday. 

I was a bit naive about what this surgery will mean for us... he has to keep his arm in a sling for six weeks... this should be fun.  Okay in all seriousness it is so much better that this is happening now and not a year from now... two babies... one husband with one usable arm.... my personal hell. 

So call me nurse Ashley for the time being!  My main strategy is to keep him heavily drugged... I know that sounds bad but why feel pain when it's so unnecessary!

Hope you're having a fabulous week... I know we are!


  1. Best healing thoughts to Andrew. I hope the shoulder recovers well. Glad he is making good use of pain meds.

  2. oh poor andrew (or you...depending on the day??) Hope he's a good patient and back to 100% soon.

  3. I think that's the best strategy, Nurse Ashley. If there's no reason not to take the drugs, then take the drugs! And men can be such children with pain - you need to manage not just his pain but his potential to be a pain in the arse!

    But seriously - I'm glad he was able to get the surgery out of the way now so he can not only hold his children without pain but also be a good father and help out. I hope his recovery is smooth and passes quicker than you think.

  4. Hope Andrew is feeling better soon. You are right on good timing. You'll need him with both arms functioning when the little ones will make their appearance.

  5. Hope he feels better soon!! He's a cutie! LOL

  6. Aw poor guy! LOL @ that first pic! :)

  7. Poor guy. I hope he feels better soon!

  8. I see the remotes aren't too far away! Good man! Lots of drugs and lots of kisses is the ticket here I think. Oh and lots of hockey on TV?

  9. Oh no, get better soon!


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