backyard oasis thoughts..... continued

I was so happy to see such a positive response to all of the baby ideas I posted on Friday.  It was also fun to read some of your guesses as to what I will be having! 

After work on Friday I headed over to Chapters.  There is something about ending a work week roaming around Chapters with a Starbucks in hand that just feels so good.  While there I picked up a couple of backyard design and garden design magazines for some backyard oasis research.  A few key things that popped out included.... using an abundance of planters is definitely a must and these planters definitely do not need to match, different colours of plants will prompt relaxation, energy and boldness so be mindful when it comes to colours and finally that one could easily spend tons and tons of money on fully decking out the backyard but that there are ways to maximize the look without maximizing the cost.

I love this planter.  Especially the purple / red / green contrast.  via
This to me is a dream oasis, I just want to curl up on that couch with a good book and a glass of sangria...  via 
Here is a very creative way to incorporate planters into the backyard.  I am just curious about how the planters don't get broken... via
So far I think I am partial to cooler tones in the garden... via 
I think a fountain is a must... this one is colourful and simple at the same time... via
Are there any backyard musts in your opinion?

Happy Monday!


  1. Love all your picks! A couch to lounge on is a must and the fountain is beautiful. It will add some relaxing sounds while you're lounging on your couch!

  2. A lounge is necessary!! If possible with a way to have it either shaded or with sun on it - maybe something that slides across? Fruits and vegetables are taking over my garden. Maybe you could have some planters that you grow salads in? You can get varieties with different coloured foliage, leaf shape, and texture and they don't require much looking after at all - just some water and picking to eat! You can also grow scarlet runner beans or other beans/snow peas/ etc at different times of year - again all you have to do is stick them into the ground, water occasionally, and pick.


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