22 weeks..... slowing down

I was officially 22 weeks pregnant yesterday.  I was up at the ungodly hour of 5:30 am as I had an ultrasound appointment at 8:00 am and the forecast said that we were apparently getting freezing ice pellets.... in April.... enough said.  The girls looked great in the ultrasound.  They actually slept through a lot of it for a change.  Usually they are kicking and punching each other the whole time.   

After some breakfast and shopping with my Mother-in-Law, I was off to an OB appointment.  He already had my morning ultrasound results and he clarified what take it easy actually entails.  After my ultrasound a couple of weeks ago my cervix had noticeably shortened or thinned out.  At that point I was told to take it easy but wasn`t sure what exactly that meant.  Well according to my OB, body pump is out (which I had assumed), walking is okay but even that should be at a low speed and I should generally spend my days on the couch, with my feet up.

The good news is that my cervix gave me a bit of a break and lengthened slightly this week.  Overall my OB didn`t seem too concerned but did mention that if it were to shorten by another 3 mm I would be on total bed rest.  This I absolutely want to avoid.  So I plan on reading, reading and more reading and finding some accessories for the twins online.  I did get a bit panicky last night thinking about how trapped I feel but I just have to keep telling myself that right now I can get out of the house as long as I balance it out with lazy time.  This will keep the twins happy in their cocoon of warmth and that is really the goal here.

Oh one more surprise... I am up 30 pounds.... oh god.

He was really happy with this as the babies are nice and big measuring in at 1 pound 1 ounce and 15 ounces which is right where a singleton would be at 22 weeks.  Apparently he would have wanted to see me gain 40 pounds if I was having a singleton.  I was too scared to ask him to confirm what my target weight gain is now that I am having two.

During our shopping trip yesterday we came across a gorgeous baby girl in one of the local baby boutiques.  She was the owner`s daughter I think and she was wearing baby legs. Baby legs are little leg warmers and they are great because you can avoid having to take off pants repeatedly which changing diapers... and the prints are to die for. These things are adorable and I fear the sighting might have created a small obsession.  I walked away with two pairs to start but I might be back.... or will likely be back... for more and more.

Jelly Bean leg warmers via Baby Legs
Pop Heart Leg Warmers via
I promise to update tonight with a new belly bump pic!  Brace yourselves.... it is a big bump!


  1. Can't wait to see your bump! I'm jealous that you've gotten more ultrasounds...I've only gotten one where Baby J actually looked like a baby and was moving. Take it easy so you don't have to go on bed rest!

  2. I love baby warmers!!!! They are sooo cute!
    Can't wait to see the bump!

  3. How sweet that your a having twin girlies! And aren't baby legs so cute! Perfect for chubby little legs! :)

  4. Congrats on your babies on the way! It's so fun to buy baby stuff.

  5. excited to see the bump! those topless-tights are adorable!

  6. Taking it easy sounds like a good plan dear. Bedrest is really challenging so anything you can do to avoid it would be wonderful. Keep up the good work.

  7. I love babylegs and have been excited to get some. Just put some on my amazon list the other day ;) They are so cute.

  8. Hey--I love body pump!! Nice to see someone else out there that goes as well. Hopin' you have a lazy, but stress-free 18 weeks... ;)


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