chandelier.... baby style

I have always loved the look of chandelier in a nursery.  I have been searching for a couple of months now for chandelier ideas for our twin nursery.  Part of me was really hoping to stumble on a gem on kijiji or usedottawa that could be spray painted and given a new look.  Well I looked for a while online and the options were less than ideal... picture lots and lots of heavy looking brass fixtures.  While looking for new chandeliers online I found some nice options but I didn't love any of them and most of them were nearing the $150 mark, which is just too much for a nursery in my opinion.

Blogs of course had many gorgeous ideas... it was just a challenge to find a real life equivalent... on budget.

This one is my hands-down favourite.  This was featured on Ohdeedoh and was created by Nathalie (you can check out her blog here).   She purchased the chandelier at Pottery Barn (it is no longer available) and added her own beads to brighten it up.  I LOVE it! 

This chandelier that they put in their daughter's nursery over at Young House Love has also been a favourite
of mine.   It is fun and pretty!

I am pretty sure that this light fixture is from Ikea and is still available.  We went and looked at it but it hangs from a chain so it would hang too low for our room.  It looks great in Wren's room though!
And now for our twin nursery......
This is the light fixture that came with the house.... isn't it lovely!!!  (Please ignore the mess of fabric hanging from the cribs!)

and here is our new light fixture!!!

We found it at Rona for $34!!!  Never thought we would find a light fixture that we liked for that price!  I really think that once the room is complete, this fixture will be perfect!  It is short enough that we won't hit it and just adds a bit of whimsy to the space!
We are both very happy with this find.  Next to-do in the nursery.... paint the dresser.... which currently looks like this!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love your choice!!! So cute, but they will absolutely be able to grow into it too!

  2. I too have been struggling with finding the right chandelier - wanted something big enough but not too long. Looks great! I finally found one on sale at Hobby Lobby that I think will look realy cute. And check out my blog, I just did a post on a dresser makeover. Can't wait to see what you have planned for yours!

  3. That dresser will be sensational when painted. I am looking for the same project. Love the chandelier!

  4. It's lovely! Like happy bubbles gathering near the light.

  5. You shame me with all the home improvement/general craftiness going on at your blog. I've got to get on the ball!

    (It's all lovely, really!)


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