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Today I received a wonderful surprise in the form of a hand written note and a lovely print.  We ordered a few special prints a few weeks back for the nursery and one such print was made by Nathan from Black Cottage Handmade.  I loved the strong punch of colour and the too-cute owl and knew that it would look wonderful in the twins room.

Well apparently Nathan's Wife stumbled upon my blog and saw the post of the Owl print that I ordered.  She stuck around long enough to learn that we are expecting twins.  With this discovery Nathan thought it only fitting that we have two owl prints, one for each twin.  So this print greeted me in the mail this morning.

Magenta Spotted Owl by BlackCottageHandmade
It's lovely and will look great in their room!

This gesture put a big smile on my face and made me feel like there really are great people out there in this world.  I was also clearly thrilled that you serendipitously stumbled on my blog in the first place! So thank you Nathan & Mrs. Nathan for surprising me.

You truly made my day!


  1. That is super sweet and very thoughtful!! Lucky lady!!
    I saw this posting on a blog and thought of you...

    Just for fun and maybe some inspiration!


  2. That was very sweet and thoughtful! Those kinds of surprises are just the best aren't they :-)

  3. Oh my goodness- that is so sweet. What are the chances that they stubbled across your blog... such a neat story :)

  4. Hi Ashley-
    This is Alexis (Mrs. Nathan!) We are both so glad that the print made your day! :) and we can't wait to see pictures of your little girls! Being a mom (or a dad ;) is such a wonder...!

  5. Alexis (Littlesparrow) - so nice to connect with you. Thank you again and I will definitely share pictures once the girls arrive (but hopefully that won't be for a while)!


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