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Today I am twenty nine weeks pregnant, which is almost thirty weeks pregnant, which is one step closer to the ideal of thirty six weeks pregnant.  As I mentioned yesterday in my shower re-cap, my tummy is currently measuring just over 40 inches at its largest point.  40 inches is wonderful since the babies must have lush and spacious living quarters at this point but 40 inches is also terrifying and this number will only increase in the weeks to come.  Everyone tells me that I am so lucky to be carrying just in my tummy and that I shouldn't give a single thought to worrying about my expanding waistline.

Well I am sorry, but I do.

To make matters worse I keep reading about this twin skin, which sounds worse than any horror movie I've ever endured.  Apparently it's a combination of stretch marks and super stretched skin which makes your tummy look like seersucker.  Horrible image indeed!

This whole you should embrace your new body postpartum ... to me ... is just not enough.  If I am not happy with myself, how will I give off good happy vibes to the twins and everyone else for that matter?

So I am formulating a plan.

You might think I am crazy vain, you might think I will forget all traces of said plan once Alice and Isla arrive... but having a plan will keep me sane.

First step in this plan.... breastfeeding.
Enough said.

Second step.... enter the bamboo belly bandit.  I spent yesterday researching belly compression options and what I found was very encouraging.  Apparently women all over the world have been binding their postpartum belly for centuries which will help reduce swelling, a distended uterus (which mine will certainly be) and generally help shrink you down without the sagging skin.

Third step... exercise.  My mom met another twin mom at the gym a couple of months and she told my mom to tell me that body pump will be my best friend postpartum.  I literally day dream of being able to run again and to be able to go to body attack.

If you are a mom do you have any tips, if you are pregnant do you share these worries and if kids aren't remotely on your radar how do you think you would feel in my place?

I would love to know!

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  1. Oh Ashley...I feel your pain!!! I am now 3 weeks postpartum and I will tell you that it is not that pretty. I have some good news and bad news for you. Good news...I have lost 37 of the 45 pounds I gained with the twins in the first 3 weeks. YEAH!!! I used a binding band and it really helped reduce swelling, etc. It was, however, a bit uncomfortable with the c section healing. I still use it periodically, but have for the most part let it go. The swelling is intense the first week or so, but it does go away!! I am breastfeeding and bottle feeding too. I am trying to get enough supply to only do breast, but I am not there yet. Currently, I get 24 oz a day, but need 48 to feed them. It is very hard to solely breastfeed twins. I wish you the best and can't wait to hear if you accomplished it. I am currently waiting to be able to workout. 3 weeks to go! The skin is definitely stretched. The stretch marks are still there, just shrunken. I now look at it as the lifeline between my babies and me. If it weren't for my skin, I couldn't have carried them. I do plan, however, to have a tummy tuck someday. My stomach measured 53 inches the day I delivered the babies at 37 weeks 1 day. Huge, I know!!! I was measuring 46 weeks at that point in time. When the skin hangs or jiggles, I just have to laugh. That's all I really can do at this point in time. I am so busy with them that i really can't focus in much else. I wish you luck with everything. It will be the ride of your life!!!! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I have learned a thing or two recently!! Good Luck!!! Go 36 weeks!!

  2. Julia - thanks for sharing your personal experiences so far. Good for you for hanging in there with the breastfeeding. I don't imagine it will be easy at all and I have been reading "Mothering Multiples" by LLL League which has a ton of information about breastfeeding multiples including a lot about managing expectations and working for months at getting it right and getting enough milk. I will definitely keep in touch to see what has worked and hasn't for you. And wow 53 inches!! I have no idea how much more I will put on and really really want to avoid a c-section.

  3. Julia - also forgot to mention that it is awesome that you have lost so much weight already! Very encouraging!

  4. My extra weight did go away, and my skin did go back to normal (I didn't really didn't think it could at the time). I only had one baby in there, and do understand that 2 is a whole different story. But the one thing I will say is that is takes TIME... seemed like LOTS of time. It was 6 months until I could say, 'ok, I finally feel normal again' and fit into all my old clothes comfortably. This was with breastfeeding and working out. I found it incredibly frustrating at the time, but hubby always said to me 'it took 9 months to put on all the weight, you can't expect it to go back to normal in a few weeks'
    There were days when I was frustrated, and days when I felt really gross (the first few weeks aren't pretty :S). So my advice will be to remind yourself that in time you will feel good again. The amount of time it takes just seems long.
    I think it's also more frustrating the skinny you are to start with. I've got friends that tell me they could fit back into their old clothes a week after birth... there was no way I could do that, and it had nothing to do with loosing weight, it's just I never had the weight in 'those places' when I started ;)

  5. Kat - glad to hear that your weight and skin went back to normal. I imagine that the first few weeks are no picnic and will likely gross me out. I guess what your hubby said was right - 9 months off so you can't expect to be back right away.

  6. I have no idea about getting your body back, but I am with you on the worrying. I don't want to be heavy forever. I have heard people say some of it is your genes. If your mom bounced back, you have a better chance at it.
    I do love yuor plan!!


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