what to wear?

This Saturday I will be the guest of honor at my twin baby shower graciously hosted by my Mom and my Sister.

I now have dilemma... a fashion dilemma. 

Normally I would have several in-closet options for such an event or I would go to one of my go-to Ottawa boutiques.  In this case I do have two options in the closet but I am so tired of wearing the same things, day after day since my options seem to be further depleted with every passing week due to the always growing belly.

So the dilemma.... do I suck it up and wear one of the maternity dresses that I have.... or do I embark on a mission to find something special?  The pre pregnant Ashley would have jumped at the opportunity to shop, but I am finding my current self torn now since I have less than 10 weeks in this pregnant body.

Oh and keep in mind that as of Tuesday morning my OB strictly forbid any frivolous outings... to which I replied, "Define frivolous please" and to which he responded "walking around a mall, leaving the house for non essential items".
Don't See Me by TheLightFantastic via etsy
I am thinking one trip to one boutique for one specific item could squeak by as essential.....

What would you do?


  1. haha love the definition!! Your OB knows you so well already :) If you know you can go somewhere and find something, do it. If you think you're going to be frustrated change your focus and get killer accessories to go with your already-owned outfit. You'll look great no matter what.

  2. Uh hello! Shop of course! You know you have a backup if you can't find anything, so I say just go out and see what they have. If it's been awhile, that's good. I find the mat shops turn things over fairly quickly, so you might find something!

    I hear you though on nothing fitting anymore though. When you measure full term (singleton) at 28 weeks, what the heck are we going to do for the next 2 months? :)

    Oh and my shower is Sunday! Yay!
    Oh my shower is Sunday! Yay for showers!

  3. A new outfit is definitely an essential :) Wish I could be there to celebrate with you... xo

  4. Jessica - me too! I miss you!!

    InteriorGroupie - good idea on the accessory route. I will likely check one store tomorrow that is right next to my hair appointment (hair can clearly not be labelled as frivolous!)

    Debs - yes what exactly do people expect us to wear at this point? I am thinking a twins store might be required sometime soon in Ottawa! Have fun at your shower!

  5. I would shop online to my heart's content, then pop into the store for 5 mins to try it on and buy it in person. If you're running out of clothes now, just imagine how much wear you'll get out of that new outfit over the next ten weeks :)

  6. Abso-LUTE-ly essential. When mom's happy, the babes are happy, right?

    Please show us what you end up with!

  7. If you don't want to fork out for a new dress then why not wear one of your maternity dresses but go crazy shopping for accessories that can be worn after the babies are born.


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