windows... nursery style take two... pregnant and indecisive

A couple of months ago I blogged about a few different window ideas for the nursery.  Well at that time I thought we'd arrived at a decision.  We were going to order these panels from Pottery Barn... only they were backordered until July.  Well it's July and they are still backordered and I am having second thoughts.  Last night we did some nursery room rearranging and now that I am seeing a closer picture to what the final product will be, I am thinking that white panels, even with the adorable circle cut outs... will be too white.

I don't want to introduce another strong colour since the walls are not white and we have a ton of colourful artwork to hang but I was thinking that some sort of pattern or stripe might do the trick.

Here is the too white window now...

We just installed the blackout roller yesterday.  Boring yes... but if it keeps the light out then that is all that matters.

Here are some options that I am liking...

Grey Chevron by CastleCreekDesigns via etsy.... I am really liking this but a bit worried if 1. we will grow tired of the chevron and 2. it won't work with the polk-a-dot bed skirts.
Horizontal Striped Panels by MarthaAndAsh via etsy... why is it next to impossible to find horizontal striped panels??  These are just too pricey at $150 PER PANEL but I really do like the concept.

Suite Ribbon Drape Panel by Pottery Barn Teen... you can pick the colour of the ribbon... I am liking the grey but still worried that these wouldn't add enough punch to the room.
Custom Panels by MaisonBoutique via etsy... Funny enough I have a sample of this fabric that I got from a local store... unfortunately the store had no more of this fabric and could no longer source it.  Well apparently this etsy boutique still has some.  The challenge here... Andrew isn't loving this...
What do you think?  Do any of these work or do you have a better idea?  I have hit the wall in terms of thinking and would really 


  1. AH! Decisions!! Decisions!!!

    I think the Chevron Panels are versatile. A great balance with the polka dots.

    But..I must admit I'm totally and completely enjoying the custom panels by MaisonBoutique on Etsy. That is a very nice choice! Not to mention that the gold dragonflies will play with the polka dots in such a fun way!

    I'm picking the MaisonBoutique one!

    How are you doing? How are the girls doing? Any movement? I’m so on nails for you! I totally cannot wait to see their precious faces! I’m so excited for you!!! (beyond excited!)


  2. I really like the last one. So charming. My second choice is the chevron ones.

  3. Hmmm...I chose not to do panels because baby will just pull them down every chance he/she gets.

    However, if you are going with panels, go with some color!!!

  4. @sunnyside up - I think we're going with the chevron... as much as I love the custom ones I am thinking that these will still look great and Andrew likes them too.

    The girls are good. We go for another ultrasound tomorrow. They are kicking tons but it's more like full running or dancing in there.. they must be getting big!

  5. @Maggie - second choice it is! Thanks for your input!

  6. @My Vegas - yes there could be a climbing issue in the future but I will chance it and hopefully encourage them to climb elsewhere!

  7. I love the chevron and the stripes - I'm actually looking for chevron drapes that are wider than the ones you have here for our bedroom! Never thought to check Etsy (dumb, I know)...good luck :)

  8. I like the white ones. The are paid for, installed and look fresh and clean. Remember that you will be filling that beautiful room with tons of toys, book, pictures and other wee things that babies accumulate. Colour will be added sooner or later. And in two years or less when the babes are in their big kid beds who knows what colour scheme you may want to change to. White will always work.

  9. Isn't it crazy how hard it is to make decisions for the nursery?? It sounds like you have made your choice and I'm sure they will look beautiful in the room.

  10. Iron on fabric to the existing white one's to give you horizontal stripes. Save $$. Super easy to do

    That said, I do like the chevron.

  11. chevron, chevron, chevron! (chanting)

    I think I want them for my house too. I know I just started following but I am so excited for you. Can't wait to see those little babes beautiful faces.

    Also I wish your husband could be home for a few months like mine. And I wish I was closer so I could come and help you when he goes back! You'll do great though.

  12. I like the chevron too, you can totally rock those with polka dots!

  13. Okay... you all helped convince me that chevron is the right choice so they are ordered and being made as I type! I am very happy about this choice and can't wait to see them!!

    @lady lee - closer would be wonderful! I will have to get out and meet some local groups of new mom's.. have you done that at all?


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