a day in the life of us

Oh how about a glimpse into our lives... 10 glorious days in with Isla and Alice...

6ish am... breastfeed Isla or Alice
change diaper of Isla or Alice
dress Isla or Alice
20 or 30 minutes later... 
repeat for the second baby
2 hours later (if we're lucky)... repeat undressing, breastfeeding, changing, and dressing Alice and Isla
add in 3 or 4 daily pumping sessions
add in random diaper changes
add in each of us sneaking in a quick shower
add in a bath every second day for Alice and Isla
add in eating while breastfeeding when I can
add in eating prepared foods dropped off by loving friends and family
add in 5 doctors appointments since we were discharged from the hospital

repeat... repeat.... repeat... repeat... do you see the pattern?

we now live in 2-3 hour increments

but we are loving every last second of it!


  1. Ashley, Isla and Alice are beautiful! Congratulations and I can't imagine what a day is like for you now, but I'm sure it is worth every second!

  2. gorgeous girls! Sounds like life is wonderfully full.

  3. You're doing better than me getting a shower in every day, ha!! Sounds like you all are getting into a groove, they are so precious!

  4. I just love that they have each other to lay next to and snuggle with. So so cool.

    It sounds like you guys are rockin' it. Way to go!!

  5. Congratulations! They are beautiful!

  6. OMGosh they are soooo precious and adorable. Congratulations!!


  7. How wonderful! They are just beautiful. :)

  8. They are beautiful and perfect! Enjoy!

  9. They look like such little angels! I love those onesies!

  10. Your twins are so beautiful! They are so big already!
    I just found out today I too am pregnant with twins, and have been thinking of you...you have made twin pregnancy look so absolutely doable and lovely...and I'm sure you will be doing the same for twin parenting. :)

  11. congratulations on you gorgeous babies! So happy for you! I had mine August 5!

  12. They are beautiful girls!! I am so happy for you, congrats!!!!

  13. They are adorable!! I love the way they are both sleeping, with their little feet touching. I can't imagine how tired you and your husband must be! Best of luck in the days, weeks, months, years ahead.

  14. THAT IS THE CUTEST PICTURE! Their little arms overlapping... Oysh those are some BEAUTIFUL babies (but with you and Andrew as parents, we couldn't expect anything less). I just wanna snuggle them! Too sweet. Hope you're feeling well! xoxoxoxo

  15. They are precious!! And even though your days sound hectic, they sound absolutely perfect!

  16. Beautiful Girls! You made twin pregnancy look so beautiful--I've never met anyone who complained as little as you did through the whole thing. Am so happy for your little family!

  17. What a cute picture.

  18. The early days are such a blur, aren't they? Amazing how you can get by on such little sleep. Good to hear you are enjoying every second with your little ones.


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