due date

Today is my due date... and I am sitting on the couch.... zero contractions at the moment.

Of course I had contractions all last night and sporadically today but right now.... nothing.

Apparently the babies are super comfy and have decided to hold out for a while.

and they are getting bigger.... that's right... one has officially surpassed the 6 lb mark... yikes!

I keep telling them that they will have so much more room out here... they haven't taken that bait yet...

soon... this has to happen soon...

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  1. Yay, I can't believe it's here! They sure already have minds of their own don't they. They will come when they are good and ready. Hang in there - not too much longer! :)

  2. Full-term!!!! The best part about this is that they should have NO NICU time! As hard as it is being this pregnant, its better for them! Congrats on making it to this point! Good job mama!

    Caster oil tonight??

  3. congrats on making it to your due date!! that's awesome!! those little girls are happy and comfy!! best of luck for a smooth and easy birthday!!

  4. Congrats! Can you believe you all made it??? What a great hostess you've been for those little ladies :)

  5. Thinking of you Ashley..come on babies!!!

  6. Wow! A 6lb twin, you are quite the incubator!!!!
    I hope they come soon!!! Thinking of you!!!

  7. Great job Mama! You are such a good carrier of those babes! When I was late my uncle texted me and said something like I was already such a good Mom that Westley didn't want to leave my belly. It's probably one of the best texts I've ever gotten. I pass that on to you my friend! You've taken great care of them inside and so they are there now and you will do great when they arrive! I am so excited for you.

  8. I'm so excited you've made it full term!! I bet you cannot wait to hold those little girls!!

  9. That's so great you made it all the way to your due date!
    Sorry you are having to wait...that must be soooooo hard! I'm so anxious to meet your twins...I can only imagine how you are feeling!
    So excited for you....

  10. Holy cow! That's amazing... sending you labor vibes for your little ones! :) (Oh, and how are you functioning at full-term?? I went at 34 weeks and the last 6 or so weeks were torture!)


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