our week in pictures

Isla and Alice will be six weeks old tomorrow!  This week all of a sudden they both seem so much bigger.  Andrew weighed himself and then held each of them and stepped back on the scale last night (I am way too frightened to get near that scale at this point).  Isla is over 8 pounds and Alice over 7!!  It seemed like they were hovering around birth weight for so long and suddenly they are fitting into clothes.

Last night I actually got my wedding rings on.  Apparently heading back to the gym and constantly feeding these two is making a difference after all!

Since I haven't managed to do more daily posts I am doing a bit of a dump here to fill you in on what has been keeping me busy...

what's funnier than a lounging baby... nothing.

okay so maybe her Daddy put her in this pose... maybe.
they are so alert now... so fun to watch them watching you

at the wedding with alice... and alice's one and a half year old cousin... seriously... is she ever going to be that big!
 This is the dress I ended up in.  Looking at these pictures... not sure it was the best idea as the smallest part of the dress is always hidden by a baby which leaves me looking like a blob... did I mention I've been to two body pump classes this week?
Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Aw, love those baby sleeping poses. And just thought I'd let you know that recently I've been unable to stop thinking about name Isla. It's really beautiful. Alice is a lovely name as well of course - your daughters will be very pleased at your choice of names!

  2. Love those pictures, those little girls look adorable in their cloth dipes! And seriously you look freaking amazing for just having twins! I can't believe you even have time for a work out these days, you are super woman!

  3. sooo cute! how are you doing w/ the cloth diapers? THey are pretty cute. And I love the dress...I think you look fantastic. Congrats on the 2 pump classes - must feel SO good! Not only are you super mom to babies but you're even doing your classes in 2's! :)

  4. With so much bfing the weight melts off- seriously. It takes a little bit, but 3 months out I've lost all the baby weight, all the IVF weight, and I'm down even about 6 pounds from that and every week I'm still losing...

    What diapers are you using? We're using cloth too... I'm using gDiapers right now, but yours looks so cute and comfy!

  5. So precious!

    And you definitely don't look like a blob!

  6. You look great, don't be so hard on yourself although I understand how you feel completely. I weighed myself the other day and had a mini meltdown because I thought the number would be lower after having our little guy...I guess it just takes time and lots of work! Breastfeeding should hopefully help take off some of the extra pounds... :-) The girls are adorable by the way!

  7. You look beautiful and so do those babes. Good job Mama.


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