we love the sling

I think the sling is essential for any new mother or father (yes I've managed to get this on Andrew once or twice... in the comfort of our home.... he has his beco butterfly wrap which is admittedly much more "manly" but you can't beat the closeness that a wrap can offer).  

Whenever I leave the house this comes with me.  If they're in the stroller and one starts fussing I pull out the wrap.. instant soother.   

I have the Sleepy Wrap.  I wanted the Hugabub but just couldn't justify the $135+ price tag when the sleepy wrap is closer to $60.  The Sleepy Wrap is made out of a thicker (read hotter) material so if you were expecting early summer or if you live in a hot climate I would definitely go for the pricier wrap made of thinner material.  Luckily Ottawa is mostly frigid with a touch of heat in the summer so this works here.

I love how she stares right up at me...

I love love how they both seem to drift off so easily when they are good and wrapped up.

and they also provide me with hours of entertainment... funny face style.

Happy monday!


  1. I love baby wearing...check out the website www.babywearer.com

    My little one is not a fan of the slings, but loves the other wraps!!

  2. I love the sling too! We also got the sleepy wrap :) Glad to see you enjoying your lil angels!

  3. I bought a Moby wrap and we LOVE it! Super easy to use and I love how when I'm wearing Aiden, I don't have as many people try to touch him! Not that I'm a germaphobe, but there has been a huge cold/flu epidemic where I live and I want him to stay as healthy as possible!


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