becoming claire dunphy

I love Modern Family.  It is one of the few shows that we actually look forward to and watch on a regular basis. Well something funny has been happening... well funny or frightening depending on how you look at it.

I think I am becoming Claire.

Yes Claire... the stay at home mother of three with the uber frustrating but sometimes loveable husband.  You know... the one who bikes after speeding cars, goes door to door to try to get a new stop sign put in, strives day in and day out to get her son to wear pants, ends up stuck on an escalator in public with a trench coat on (and nothing else) while role playing on a date night with her husband, tries to be the fun one with her son and ends up with a van full of puke and the one who constantly strives for perfection yet often fails.  Yes that's her.

I came to this realization over the course of last week, when I watched the first season on my laptop while breastfeeding (breastfeeding twins boils down to lots of boob time for them).  I started looking at Claire in a new light.  Gone was my former irritation with her, and instead was replaced with a new found understanding and appreciation for her and for her constantly pony-tailed hair and the fact that she almost exclusively wears luon workout pants.  I knew when I spotted her in a purple hoodie and thought... hmm I should get myself one of those at american apparel... that I was done for.

Yes, yes I know... she's a fictional character... but really... I think she's awesome.

soo... scary revelation... maybe....but she's normalizing the chaos of my life day after day, and doing it in style (well I now consider her stylish seeing as I've traded in my skinny black work pants for skinning luon lululemon pants).... so thank you claire dunphy for living your fictional life and making my life feel that much more normal.



  1. I love you too toast makes me laugh!!! As long as you're not becoming cam you are fine!!!!

  2. Yeah, she is neurotic in a way that I totally get!!!

  3. @kkasun - haha well becoming Cam would be hilarious in its own way!

  4. hahaha amzing! I love Claire - Josh and I want to go as Claire and Phil for just need to find a cam and mitchell to go as a foursome.

  5. Pre-gaggle I used to relate to Monica from Friends, so yeah...I totally get it ;)


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