coloured pants? yes please

It's been way too long since I've bought something a bit daring, a bit outside of my comfort zone... but a bit fabulous.

enter coloured pants.

I think I love these...

J Brand 29" Skinny via Anthropologie
Okay so they are blue, so not exactly super daring but they aren't denim at least.  The 29" ankle length also makes them a tad impractical for our soon to be blistering cold weather but that's what boots are for right?

At $176 I am not jumping at them since I wouldn't want to buy them in my present size (as in the size I am 12 weeks post delivery of twins)... but if say they are available when I return or come close to my former size then I may take the plunge.

What are your thoughts on coloured pants?  Love them?  Have them? .... or find them tacky?

Happy weekend!


  1. You know what I'm actually rather liking them at the moment. Kind of want to get myself a pair but today I had to buy myself maternity jeans. Oh well, let's wait and see if I still fancy them next year. Although the jeans I bought today are the most comfy trousers ever. I may just wear them forever!

  2. I've been considering hopping on this band wagon too - I love the blue and kinda want a red pair too! Though I'll be with you on the floating post baby body size so might have to wait. Ah well, they're pretty to look at too ;)

  3. I think you know my opinion on daring clothing...but incase there are any doubts, BUY THESE PANTS.

  4. personally, i find them awesome!!!
    just stumbled into your blog and am about to cruise around to see some photos of your twins!! I just had my third (a girl after two boys) in august, so I understand what youre talking about in terms of the post-preg bod... :(


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