have a warm weekend

This weekend is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and we will be celebrating with two family dinners.  I have been living in such drab clothing as of late simply because I always need to have easy access to the boobs and also because I am still wearing safe clothes... safe as in I know they will fit (read lululemon pants and maternity jeans)... boring.  With thanksgiving here I am thinking I should ditch the regular tees and try to find something semi interesting in my closet.

I am loving these colourful options for fall...

Dromedary Dress via Anthropologie... I love the shape of this
This Flounced Pintuck Parka would add some punch to my blah outfits these days
Love the relaxed look of this Lombok Tote... if only I didn't need the diaper bag!
We also plan on taking our first trip to a restaurant with Isla and Alice in tow.  We are thinking somewhere loud and greasy for breakfast.  Sounds wonderful doesn't it!  Luckily we have lovely friends who are going to brave this first with us.  Wish us luck!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of your Canadians.  Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  2. Greasy spoon! The gals will love it.

  3. Anthropologie Dromedary dress on eBay:


  4. @WriterInTheRun. - thank you for sending me this!! Pre babies a zero would have been great but right now unfortunately it's a bit far fetched! Will keep my eye out on ebay though.


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