i'm going to need one of these tomorrow

Coffee Art by PopPopPhotography via etsy
Normally I go to bed after their last evening feeding... which happened about two hours ago... but tonight I just felt like I needed a bit of free time... even if it means sacrificing sleep.  The good news is... our happy baby is re-emerging thanks to all of the great advice I received on here yesterday and our trip to our naturopath.

What's worked....

Cocyntal for Baby Colic.... one word... priceless ... seriously this stuff has magic powers.  When the screaming starts we give her this and the effect seems to be near instantaneous.

When we feed her we are only burping her by rubbing her back in an upwards motion.  The spit up has greatly decreased.

We are now keeping her sitting upright for a good fifteen minutes post feed.

We are giving them probiotic powder

We will also start to give her gripe water whenever I get to the store and buy some.... oh and yes I know I can make it but my lack of spare time dismisses this idea outright.

Our Naturopath's take is that perhaps my let down is just too fast at this point for Alice to handle so she likely ends up gulping down a ton of air while trying to keep up when nursing.  This is definitely aggravating her already irritated tummy.  So I am nursing her in the am once to keep her great latching skills going and then I am feeding her through the anti colic tommee tippee bottle the rest of the day.  I will only do this for another week and then try out more nursing in hopes that her growth will allow her to handle my flow.

So today life was so much better, it's amazing what a lack of hours of crying can do.  Let's hope that this concoction does the trick tomorrow, and the next day... and the next day....