oh the things I said I would never do and have done

Back before I had babies I was a judge-er... as in I would look at what other people did with their children and mentally judge them... okay I still do that to a certain extent but I stand corrected in many of my former childless assumptions.

I was never going to give my babies a pacifier... never.  I mean wouldn't that cause nipple confusion?  Wouldn't they become addicted to the pacifier and end up sucking on it well into their toddler years like Suri Cruise?  Well I threw out these fears a couple of weeks ago and we tried to give each of them a soother.  Isla was adamantly against something that she could suck and yet would not feed her.  Alice on the other hand... it was more like love at first sight.  As soon as she gets it in her mouth her eyes start to droop.  

Oh and they still take the boob like they were made for it (which in fact they were)...

so so good...
I was convinced that our babies would not get flat head syndrome.  Flat head syndrome happened to babies of parents who left them constantly in their car seat or constantly lying down.  I was going to wear my babies constantly, never leave them in the car seat outside of the car and thus they would never suffer the dreaded flat head.  Well I love my sleepy wrap and so do they, we hold them constantly, we never leave them in the car seat and voila... Isla has a mad case of flat head syndrome on one side of her head!!!  


here she is propped onto her other side in hopes that things will even out...
I would never never ever dress them the same.  They aren't the same person, so why would I ever put them in the same clothing.  Well we live in Ontario and it gets cold here.  We spent the better part of Saturday out shopping for cold weather gear for Isla and Alice and it was tough.  As in they are small and most outdoor one piece-ers come in size 0-6 months which is a large range.  We came home with two matching fleeces from MEC and tried them on them.... way too big.  I found two matching 0-3 month-ers at Joe Fresh on Sunday and they fit much better.  Apparently companies don't make a plethora of colour options when it comes to fleece... so matching they are.

This is a one time occurrence... I swear.

and Isla's propped up once again...
So apparently all of that judging was naive on my part.  At this point if it makes our lives easier I am all for it.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Yes in just two short weeks I realized all my judginess was so wrong. There are sooo many things that I know understand and feel bad for judging.
    At this point I am just in survival mode!
    Glad to hear things are going well, I just don't know how moms of multiples do it!!!

  2. read my post today....it is about flat heads. :( by the way, the girls are gorgeous!!!

  3. I felt the same way about the pacifier, but sometimes that is the only thing that will calm Chloe down. Parenthood can definitely knock you down a few levels, but I'm sure it happens to everyone - it sure did with me.

  4. I think the matching fleece cozies are cute!

    Cutie patoots.

  5. and the 'oh man i used to judge on that?!' continues as they get older lol

    mine was worn in a wrap almost all day long, still got flat head!

  6. I fought the pacifier too at the beginning, but LM loves them. Soothes him right down. LM also has a flat head on one part. So I am right there with you.

  7. Hahaha.... Hilarious! I totally know what you mean! I was judgy too about things, like babies sleeping in bed with you! My next post is about co-sleeping... something I said I would never do! LOL!

  8. is that a bumbleride stroller?? we loved our, single one :)

  9. @NK: Style-ING w/ Children - yes it is indeed a bumbleride indie twin. we love it!

  10. We thought the same thing with the paci, but now I'm glad he takes it (although still not the biggest fan of it thank goodness!) because I think it'll be easier to take away than a thumb ;)


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