and then there were three....babies that is

The words I was so dreading.... I think I'm getting sick... were spoken by Andrew on Friday.

I immediately pictured myself running all over the house with disinfectant (which of course we don't own), sanitizing any surface that had possibly come into contact with Andrew... yes I do have traces of OCD perhaps.... in an effort to keep our babies away from whatever it is that he had (or has.... dammit)

And so there I longer caring for two children... enter a third.

Okay so that's a slight stretch... if anything Andrew has been thoroughly neglected aside from the fact that I put sheets on the guest room bed for him (yeah he was relegated in his sick state to the guest room), got him gatorade and cold fx and nagged him like it's my job about taking in more fluids.

The babies knew something was up... they still know in fact and have been taking out their why isn't Daddy giving us quality Daddy time anger on me.  

Two crying babies for the last three days and one Husband who needs to stay away from the crying babies makes for one Mommy who wants to grab a bottle of wine and go and drink in a corner.

Okay once again being a bit dramatic.... but seriously... taking care of twins solo is so not a fun time.

Thankfully I dragged my tired butt to a yoga class tonight and I am now drinking a glass of wine.... I feel a little more energized, a little less beaten and am fully prepared to put on my game face tomorrow if the backlash continues... 

but I am quietly hoping for an overnight recovery by all three of my babies.

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  1. Oh man, that's rough. I had a cold the last week of my maternity leave and hated separating myself a little bit from Chloe - but then she got a cold too so I was back to snuggling her. Sick husbands are no fun though - hope he gets to feeling better soon!

  2. Sick is never fun! I hope Andrew is feeling better soon and that you and the girls stay healthy!

  3. I am dreading this too, but I only have one so I can only imagine! I hope eeryone recovers and you don't go crazy before they do!!


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