babies Christmas wish list

Okay Santa, it's our first year here and we've been good... no wait... make that awesome... so here's the inside scoop on what we are hoping lands under our tree...

we're smart babies and read daily... Duck and Goose's Christmas book is pretty fantastic... we would like to explore them further... via 

It's time to get some eye candy on that ceiling of ours... the popcorn up there can only entertain us for so long...Cloud Mobile Estrella by The Butter Flying via etsy

We would like Sir Prance-a-lot.... we love his friend Lulu-in-a-tutu and think that she deserves a friend... but more than anything... we just love the name sir prance-a-lot...

All of our twin friends are rocking the Robeez and Mommy has yet to clue in and get us a pair... please help us keep up with this trend and more importantly... help us keep our socks on our feet! ps.. the peek-a-boo ones are our faves
Checking ourselves out in the mirror rocks... being able to do this while enjoying some tummy time would be a-maz-ing... via
Mommy keeps dropping the word snow and mentioning how it is going to get super cold out... something about how the foot muffs for our Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller would keep us warm and make her life easier... please make that happen
mini mioche...  we've been awesome remember.... enough said
There you have it... that's our list.

Oh and Mommy's already clued us in to the fact that you prefer wine over milk and cookies so we'll hook you up.

xoxo isla & alice


  1. So cute!!!! I love that mobile!!!!

  2. I love the Lamaze collection of toys. Tommy has Captain Calamari (a pirate octopus). He absolutely LOVES it.


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