2011 etsy favourites... part two... wear it

Well Santa was too good to us and we're still taking it all in.  I will of course share some of our favourite moments of our very first Christmas together very soon... until then...

here are a few of my etsy favourites... for wearing... from this past year...


by SigalitAlcali
by KangarooCare ... this is a nursing necklace... I think the girls would love it as they've recently taken to grabbing my face and hair whilst eating!
by Joretta ... for when the girls have actual hair... not fuzzy adorable hair
by opellecreative ... simple and gorgeous... for outings without the diaper bag
by Sumikoshop ... that tall thing is a whistle... could come in handy in a couple of years... no I did not just say that... 
by Sumikoshop ... love this.
I hope you had a fabulous Christmas too!


  1. A nursing necklace! Genius! My Sweet Aida currently grabs a hold of my hair and clothes and when neither of those are available, she claws at my skin like a wild animal.

  2. Oh, I love that bag! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  3. this is a great list. and I hear you on the whistle!


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