andrew was going to get me an iphone...

but then he saw this...

okay so maybe the whole... send my wife directions to hell... is a tad over the top... but it's definitely good for a laugh...

but in all seriousness Andrew did go on a stealth mission to buy me an iphone a couple of weeks ago... he went on a sunday night after a looonng day with the girls (read lots of crying) and he stood outside in the cold in a line... all in an effort to be able to surprise me on Christmas morning...

his intentions were good... make that great... unfortunately the reality of the monthly charges in Canada for these phones is harsh.  It would have been triple what we pay for my phone right now... and really the only reason I wanted one was for the camera so that I could take more pictures when I am out and about with the girls, without having to always cart around this camera that I love.

he was still going to get it... if I really wanted it... but at that price... I don't.

but there's always the ipod touch!

do you have an iPhone?  do you love it?  wait don't answer that... I'm sure if you have one you do love it...

what gadget do you really want for Christmas?


  1. What a sweet husband you have! Bummer about the charges though. I think an ipad would be fun but I'm not much of an apple user.

  2. Ok so I do love my iPhone! My husband is off next week and I am so going to get the new one (can't really take the babe with me bc that is just a meltdown waiting to happen!). I want it mostly for the camera...mine is awful! That was very sweet of your husband...mine would never do that!

  3. Telus has a great plan for 60$ a month it has everything you would ever need including 1g of data and my ten for up to 10 numbers anywhere in Canada that you can call as much as you want. I made the switch 6 months ago and have never looked back!

  4. Love love love my about the charges in Canada.

  5. @Bridget - yeah I'm still on the fence with the whole tablet thing. Yes it would be convenient but it's big to lug around.

    @Kelly - yeah shopping while the stroller (or I) am constantly moving is one thing.. but stopping to chat for an extended period time is a game ender at this point.

    Sarah - yeah $60 is pretty good... I pay $24 now all in which is ridiculously cheap I know but up until I went off during pregnancy I had a company blackberry so I hadn't paid for a phone in years!

  6. Ashley...I love, love my iPhone! I have the iPhone 4 and while I could survive without it, I'd rather not! A plan with 1GB of data is plenty and the camera on the iPhone is fantastic. 90% of the pictures that I take are with my iPhone and there are plenty of cool apps to edit them.

    I just bought a Balckberry Playbook...fantastic and the best's fits in my purse!

  7. I am counting down the days til I get my iPhone. It was going to be my christmas present.... But Currently waiting for the craziness of the holiday season to die down and reassess finances lol too much extra to spend on this month.
    Hubby just got his last month and he's obsessed with it, so many useful apps.
    I currently have an iPod touch I got for Christmas last year, I use the camera a lot but the phone camera is much better quality than the iPod.
    We also invested in an in iPad 2 earlier this year as a make me feel better aboutngetting laid off gift lol. So kinda hooked now on the apple products ;)

    Oh and Hubs is with telus on a $50 plan, we shopped around and really it seems to be the cheapest and best for your buck plan.



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