i jinxed myself

Dear former self that publicly proclaimed how awesome her children were at sleeping during the night... why did you have to go there... as in all happy yeah my girls are so fantastic at sleeping... next time... keep that mouth shut.

yeah... i totally jinxed myself...

the past two nights... it's been all down at 6ish pm... Isla awake and hungry at midnight... feed... Isla awake and hungry at 2am... feed.... Isla awake and hungry at 5am... yeah you get the picture... and I'm not looking for sympathy... I know I had it awesome and am fairly confident that one day the awesomeness will return... but until then...

I am damn tired...

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so excuse me while I drown my self pity in a glass of wine..

happy thursday


  1. That's tough! Hope they figure it out and get back to sleeping through the night soon! :-)

  2. it's a growth spurt! she'll be back to sleeping longer periods in a little bit. cheers :)

  3. I've been there my friend. And frankly...who knows...maybe I'll be there tonight. This is the hardest job I've done and I think a huge portion is the lack of sleep...and even when they do seem to be sleeping well, you just never know, so hang in there mama. I figure one of these days we'll get a nice restful nights sleep again! ;)

  4. I did that too! Wrote a post about how great Emily has been and today it blew up in my face! Hang in there!

  5. Ah...my babes also slept very well until they hit 4 months --- then they were waking several times per night. Apparently it is normal that babies go through a sort of sleep regression at 4 months. Now, at 5 months, they are starting to go for longer and longer stretches again. From what I hear, the next night hurdle will be when they start teething!!

  6. I know where you are coming from. As an infant, our daughter really never slept well. Hope you enjoyed your glass of wine. It definitely helps!


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