we got high chairs

We started off by feeding the girls in the bumbo... on top of our dining table... yes yes I know.... never put a bumbo on top of a table... sketchy... but we did it... well supervised of course... while we were waiting for our boon flair high chairs to arrive...

and arrive they did.

Heidi is guarding them.  We could have used her outside when they arrived since instead of ringing our doorbell the delivery man decided to leave them next door, leaned against their door... in the snow... lovely.

yeah... I put them together... it took 5 minutes.


they're a hit.

and worth the wait.

ps. yes that's a scrunchie in my hair... don't judge me until you have sticky hands pulling at your hair all day.

bring on the food!


  1. we have this high chair! it is AMAZING!!! worth every single penny.

    1. yeah we debated it because of the cost but then thought about how much time they will spend in them and how easy they looked to clean... i'm thinking great decision...

  2. PS. I awarded you with the Liebster Award: http://styleingwithchildren.blogspot.com/2012/02/liebster.html

  3. Ooohhh.. those are the coolest high chairs I've ever seen!

  4. Wow, what neat looking highchairs!!!!!!
    As I type this my kid is in the bumbo on the table right next to my laptop, so no judgement here!

  5. hahah nice comment on the scrunchie. and sweet highchairs! They look great...


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