chaotic recap... ninth edition

It's Friday already... how did that happen?

Alice and Isla have been rolling all over the place, making each other laugh (and making me laugh too of course).

They are well into the whole we want to touch and grab everything in sight.  A couple of their favourites... hair and faces...

Isla also has a thing for anything that opens and closes... like zippers and the fridge.


Moments where they sit in our arms happily are becoming a thing of the past.  They would rather stand up on our legs and explore the world.

They also prefer to be without pants... it just seems to make them happy.  Good thing summer is on its way.

Alice tries to scheme her way off of their playmat, off of the carpet and onto the hardwood.  I spend my days preventing this...

The girls had their first meal at Nan and Papa's this week after we hit up Babies r us for some feeding chairs and spoons.

They are becoming more interested in books.  I mean we read to them everyday but now they seem to be really staring at the pictures... and of course want to put each book into the mouth... 

After months of effort Alice finally got her foot into her mouth.  She is pretty thrilled about it.

So that was our week around here...

The lack of snow and addition of sunny days is making me want to shop... badly... buy things like coral skinny jeans, navy tank tops and shoes that aren't boots.

What have you bought for spring?

Happy weekend!


  1. Hi!
    I'm a Mamma to a 3 year old boy & 5 month old twin boys. I just found your blog and I am loving reading ahead. It's great your little ladies are a few months older that way I can see what's coming around the bend. Your babes are beautiful.

    I have bought nothing for Spring because here in BC my raincoat & rain boots will be my uniform for at least 2 more months.

  2. They look so big sitting up in their chairs! They just make me smile!


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