chaotic recap... tenth edition

I know I've been absent.  It turned into summer over here so we had to soak it up.  Don't worry... spring is returning so I will be too.  

It was hot and humid here all week... just the way I like it.... and it made me say things like this to Andrew... repeatedly...
me: god I love this weather
Andrew: I know
me: we need to move somewhere where it's like this all. year. round

one day... one day... 

As usual we did a lot of this.... this week...

they usually start out like this...

I turn away for a second and suddenly they are all over each other!

I always laugh when our girls are around another baby (as in one at a time) and the baby's Mom inevitably worries out loud about her baby grabbing for one of our girls....

We spent some time in the office this week.  With Alice in the Jolly Jumper and Isla in the exercauser I managed to get all of the stuff out of the bookshelves and did a much needed purge of books that we will never read again... we're clearing out the office... of everything... and turning it into a playroom.  We debated over this (well Andrew debated and I worried) but in the end decided that it would be easier to have a play room on the main floor, you know... the same floor as the kitchen and bathroom... rather than putting all of the child related stuff in the basement (I hate basements.. even though ours is actually bright and inviting).

After my purge Andrew and his brother moved all the furniture to their new home in the basement.  Now it's time to do up the playroom!

More to come on that soon...

In other Operation Daycare news I took my first night of first aid and CPR.  The last time I practiced CPR on a dummy was in highschool.... definitely a great refresher.

The rest of the week was spent in the sun...

with their new hats...

which they actually love...

tomorrow we are off to see the Hunger Games... I am pretty excited.... are you going to see it?

happy weekend!


  1. the weather was so amazing indeed! Glad you and the girls enjoyed it and spent lots of time outside. Thanks for the Chaotic recap! I always enjoy it.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. I wish we had space for a playroom! I bought Chloe even more, bigger toys last night and I see our house/living room slowly being swallowed up. Those hats are so cute! That's next on my list to buy. Have a great time at the movie tomorrow!

  3. Your girls always look so happy! I'm sure they're enjoying the weather as much as we are. What type of stroller do you have? I'm expecting twins in August and I'm stumped on what kind of stroller to get.

    1. We have the bumbleride Indie twin. We love it. We also have a single snap and go stroller which I found very convenient in the winter. I would put one car seat in the snap and go and carry the other baby in a carrier. Congratulations on being pregnant with twins!

  4. SO cute! I'm glad the weather warmed up for you! We are also contemplating relocating our office again- we had it in our loft, then moved it downstairs, but are now thinking that we'll have to move it back up there so the twins can have a playroom downstairs!
    I am SO seeing Hunger Games! I even managed to get my hubby hooked on the books :)

    1. Andrew read all of the books and I think enjoyed them more than I did. The movie was great!

  5. Ashley- the girls are just adorable!

  6. Oh my word...they are so cute. And to think, there was a question about them being identical. We are loving this weather as well, just had to buy some new clothes.

    As for The Hunger my ticket and I'm ready to go tonight!

  7. How do you like your double stroller, what kind is it? Im looking for one so I can push our 2 1/2 year old and soon to be newborn.

    1. We love the stroller. It's a bumbleride indie twin and I've seen lots of people with children of different ages using it.


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