we went for a walk

On Sunday I thought that a bit of fresh air might do us some good (in retrospect... perhaps this was not exactly brilliant...but maybe that's the bronchitis talking)... We went down to walk around and look at tulips... and ended up walking around the tulip festival for a little bit but it was the walking through the paths by the homes boarding the canal that really made the trip worthwhile...

okay the tulips were nice..

there are just so many of them...

the girls were all bundled up...

we went with our neighbor friends and us ladies hung back contemplating a tree...

yes that tree there... the one with the purple blooms... I want one

here we are with what looks like our space-ship... they were toasty!

do you have a flower festival?


  1. Do you know what that tree is? I'm not sure if you were asking or if you already know, but it looks like a magnolia and they are beautiful!! We have one but it's more of a bush. The only bad thing is they bloom first, only last a week or so, then the leaves come and it's just green the rest of the summer. Every once in a while a random bloom will pop up during the summer months, but never again like that initial spring bloom.

  2. When is it going to be nice already!! I want to get up there to see the tulips!


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