where's your favourite place to camp?

A couple of you asked if we were camping when we took the pictures from my last post ... well we weren't... but we will be soon.  I can't wait.  Last summer I was too huge to camp and I was really missing it.   I did of course have some visions of us camping soon after the girls were born but then they were born and they looked oh so fragile and so I threw that idea out the window.  We are still figuring out how it will all go down... what gear we will bring... what they will sleep in and on... where they will nap... or if they will nap... but it is happening and hopefully soon.

So now I am wondering... where shall we go?  We do have a few ideas but you guys are great at giving me ideas so let me have it... where have you camped?  where did you love?  where did you hate? and where would you love to camp?

I don't care if you don't live near me... I want to know.

by BlurryLens


  1. Oh, there are so many great places to camp! I like back country trips, but have also enjoyed the car-camping ones I've taken. I share your love of Mount Desert Island in Maine. The Whites, of course, are fabulous, as are the Green Mountains in Vermont.
    I really love the Adirondacks, and I bet there would be great places to take the girls aside from the High Peaks area. Parc du Mont-Tremblant - Secteur de la Diable would be pretty sweet for hiking, camping and canoeing. It's beautiful and family friendly. Sandbanks is also nice, although it was very loud last time I went there. The beach is gorgeous.
    Enjoy planning for your camping trip(s) this summer.

  2. I was going to say Sandbanks as well :) the beach there is great, I've never actually camped there we usually just do the day trip. We've camped at Charleston Lake it's pretty nice and family friendly. that's been our go to place since it's not too far.
    I'd love to go camping this year but I don't see it happening the people we usually go with are expecting. Have fun planning!

  3. Smith Moutain Lake in Virgina. They have this quiet wonderful lake and the cutest old mini golf course and a little old general store. The camp sites are huge (3 tents and still privacy). And a little sand beach with a dock for boats and jet skis.

    I LOVE camping!

  4. Addisu and I camped at Tully Lake in NW Massachusetts and it was beautiful -- nice sites, short walks/hikes, gorgeous lake with boat rentals. It often felt like we were the only ones there! I'd go there again in a heartbeat!

  5. WE LOVE to camp as well, but haven't ventured out with the boys yet. Our favorite camping spots are on the beach... Santa Barbara, San Clemente, etc. However, we also love the mountains and can't wait to do Yosemite with the boys!

  6. There's a place outside Gunnison CO that is so beautiful. And the redwoods in northern CA are so incredible. So jealous you get to go...


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