ten months old

Dear Isla & Alice,

Today you are ten months old.

You have both come so far in your short ten months.  You both look so big to me now... especially when someone else is holding you.  Luckily I have passed the stage of morning your aging.... not that you are aging... aging is reserved for older people... much older than you two... but I am no longer sad that you are indeed getting bigger.  Now when you do something new I marvel in your growth, when you stop doing something that you used to do because you have outgrown it, I celebrate with you.

Ten months is an amazing age.

You are stronger, you sit up so well and you both took an instant love to the water... okay well Alice, you took an instant love... Isla... it was a five minute progression... not that it's a competition... it is never a competition.  You are very mobile now and have perfected the art of the army crawl.

I take a kick out of your curiosity.  You both look up and over to figure out what is going on, to see what it is that I am feeding you, to get a first peak at Daddy when he gets home from work, to make sure that kitty (known to us adults as Heidi) is nearby and ready to entertain you at your beck and call.  

Ten months is such a sweet age.

I love you both so much.

xoxo mommy


  1. Holy cow, ten months already. They are such sweet girls you must be so proud. It looks like an awesome age where they are discovering the world. Love their hats, where did you find them with the longer brims?

    1. I got them at 3 little monkeys - they have a website if you google it. They are great hats!

  2. I love that you are embracing every new age, milestone, curiosity, etc. It is true that this age is a lot of fun, but super tiring which I'm sure is even more so with two babes!

    1. I think it's actually likely less tiring with two babies as they have each other to play with, each other to crawl with.... one... i think one would be tougher right now.

  3. Kill me! I wish I could have been at Kelly's cottage to see them in the pool. Let's set it up in the backyard soon!

  4. Happy 10 months girls! They just get cuter and cuter every month if that's even possible!

  5. OMG! Time flies when you're having fun!!
    I must admit those ladies are gbecoming more and more adorable as the day/months go by!

    Happy 10 months Alice & Isla!!!


  6. they are sooooo sweet!! you must be enjoying every second with them.


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