chaotic recap... seventeenth edition

It's been awhile... yes I know

what we did this week... (the baby goods (can I still call it that or should it be toddler goods....)... why you're probably reading this post)  

We've had a bit of bad luck in the things keep on breaking department lately.  Camera.. check... microwave... check... patio table shattered... check (on this note... may I suggest that you never buy a glass top patio table... ever... it is hell to clean up!).

the new microwave is pretty... as far as microwaves go..
and the girls certainly got a kick out of the box!

we've been spending a lot of time in and around the kitchen... where Isla and Alice have tons to grab onto 

everyone tells me that I shouldn't wish for them to be walking as it's harder apparently to keep up with them... but personally... I am ready for the walking.  They both want to "walk" assisted all of the time.  And there's only one of me.  

 we've been spending more time in the basement too... the carpet makes for very fast crawling... too fast for the camera in fact

we also hit the park at least once a day.  which means the sand hits our house at least once a day.

I love how they love to read to themselves.  and no they can't read... clearly... but they can think they can... and that they do... and it's so lovely to see them loving the books 

the Heidi love fest continues

thank god she's such a good sport

what I read this week

I read fifty shades of grey, I read fifty shades darker and I am reading fifty shades free... and I wonder why I hesitated to read these books.  I mean, they're good... very good.  Andrew's been calling me fifty all week... he has no idea what he is saying.  I keep telling him he should read the books too... his response... bookmark the good parts... They aren't exactly prize winning writing... but that's really not my thing anyways.

I finished Shadow of Night a week or so ago.  It was a disappointment.  Seriously, I liked one third of the book (the last third of course).  So I will read the third book once it comes out but really, I could have done without a lot in that book.  Oh well, fifty has certainly improved my mood!

what I did for me this week

Last weekend I painted our entrance-way and I could try and say that it was for all of us but that would be a lie since I am really the only one who saw an issue ... or rather the potential... of what could be.  And I love painting... I just find it so satisfying.  I also got my hair done... which hadn't been touched since May.  Funny enough my hair stylist warned me pre-birth that my hair would likely ... well... go downhill after having the girls.  Such is not the case... it has never been longer and I believe she said something along the lines of my hair being good hair now.  No idea how that one happened but I'll take it.

What did you get up to?

Happy weekend!


  1. Wow busy week. I love their dresses.
    avery loves our cat too!!
    glad you did something for yourself!!!! it took me 6 months to get my hair done after having avery!!!!

  2. Wow! Your cat is really awesome! Mine is SUCH a Biotch and knows to RUN from the boys! The only issue I have with my post baby hair is that I have TONS of baby hairs growing in around my face. Obviously I must have lost some hair after giving birth, but you could never tell. My hair is the longest its been in such a long time!

    I love the little curls on the girls hair... adorable! Maximus's hair is curling and Rocco's seems to be coming in straight!

  3. Look at those little curls! They are so cute. Its funny how busy they are at that age. My little Veronica is always moving! :)

  4. Hi Ashley! New follower here. :) I LOVE finding other moms who cloth diaper and in fact, just wrote a post last night about fuzzibunz repairs. PS - your twinks are just adorbs! Feel free to stop by sometime:


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