the bachelor canada, week 2 recap

hello everyone and happy friday!

So Wednesday night marked week two of the Bachelor Canada... here's my rundown.

the episode has been on for about one second and cue the product placement... everywhere... tacky much!

whitney is crazy... well comes across so... but it's likely a case of low self esteem with a side of crazy.  enter host (I've forgotten his name) three girls not going on dates... drama

first date... date card comes and there's something about legs and the big easy on it (how did they not know big easy = new orleans?) and next they are all shaving their legs... really... I mean this would have been done already... you don't go on the  bachelor and not shave your legs everyday!
so they get to new orleans... where did they get these clothes?  I'm liking the girl in the purple/maybe navy dress.  And now they're attending a burlesque bootcamp.  Flashes to Brad in a hoodie with a tattoo peeking out... not exactly my thing but okay.  Playboy model shares that she gives a good lap dance.  They whip out the be-dazzled outfits.  Giggles has serious reservations about this whole thing (and if I'm being honest I would too... not that I don't like to have a good time, but really, getting women to shake their ass in your face on a first date doesn't exactly scream class to me).  time to perform for the ladies.  playboy model can't dance, michelle v looks nice and keeps it classy, then there was the clam, Britany killed it and then giggles well she did get out there and do it despite being a woman of faith (her words not mine).. Brad kept mouthing how cute she was and then she got a hug at the end (did any of the other ladies get a hug?).  Do guys actually like cute... I mean cute + sexy I suppose but just cute... hmmm...

The group date continues at a hotel that night.  Playboy model seems a bit abrasive.  Brad is talking about how these crazy dates aren't realistic... yes that's true... so what are you going to do about it... Michelle gets another big hug (maybe cute = lots of hugs).  He seems quite real when they talk .. oh and another hug and then she gets the rose.  giggles all around.  my hunch is friend zone for her.  we shall see.

Playboy model seems a bit desperate.  i mean I get that she has a child and I can't imagine how hard it is to be away from her... but... when you decide to go on a show like this you know how it works and complaining to the bachelor isn't going to win you any points.

Next date is a three on one in Vegas (did they really just fly to Vegas to race cars... couldn't they have done that in Vancouver)?  Whitney seemed a bit too in the zone pre race... boarding on frigid   Of course she won (but just by a bit) so she got the one on one that night.  They showed a makeout session from their later date ... and that was it? Oh Bachelor Canada... you need some fine tuning!  Brad really seems into her.. this is a concern.

Last date is the one on one and it goes to an Ottawa girl (yay Ottawa).. she got a new dress (I'm not sure how I feel about the whole telling a girl what to wear thing).  And then she got jewels... they kept calling them jewels... did anyone else find that strange?  Whitney is in background in workout gear and looks angry.  Then they walked around Victoria all fussed up and then ended up at the Empress (I was there way back when... like highschool).  They seem to have some chemistry and the conversation was flowing.  She wants two kids... he seemed down (for the kids at least).  She got the rose, no surprise there.

The next morning Brad continues his streak of rule breaking (which I like) and takes Ana on a surprise one on one to Tofino (what's Tofino? her words not mine) (which is somewhere I'd like to go too).  I like her... like her clothes... and yes... she's from here too.

Finally we're at the rose ceremony... favourite line this is going downhill with no brakes... Brad... talking about the playboy model... saw that one coming.  Big makeout session with Whitney combined with a few creepy hugs.  Laura B. (Ottawa first one on one date) came off pretty insecure (crying on week two never ends well) with her hiding in the bathroom... I mean this is a weird dating situation but woman... you have a rose already.  Brad didn't break any rules during this week's rose handout and there really weren't any surprises (playboy model sent home along with a few other i'm sure lovely but not quite memorable ladies).

so week two done.  I have no clear favourite thus far.  We'll see what next week has to bring.

happy weekend

ps... it's snowing here



  1. One: your recap is both hilarious and precise. Two: snow?!?! Move to Toronto.

    1. glad you like! oh Toronto... I sooo miss it..... but with me ditching the corporate career thing it's just not in the (financial) cards. + there's no ocean and that's a requirement for relocation!


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