1681 words + one awesome husband

Day 1 of nano is officially done for me.

So far I'm at 1681 words (the daily goal being 1667).

So I'm feeling good.

+ Andrew brought this downstairs to me around 7pm... or what I like to refer to as (541 words)...

it was just what I needed... BLT + Salad + Halloween Candy because we only had 25 kids come trick or treating... yum.

oh Andrew... you've set a dangerous precedent.

xoxo your loving (but now highly expectant wife)


  1. I like it! And I definitely like where Andrew is setting the bar. :) Tomorrow and Saturday are going to be a hard writing days I think. We have plans tomorrow night and all day Saturday. I really don't want to fall behind when we are just getting started.

    1. i think i'll keep him!

      yeah get writing today... i plan on getting ahead tonight (I hope)

  2. Wow. I cannot imagine writing a novel in that short of a period of time. Actually, I cannot imagine writing a novel period. What a sweet husband you have, that meal looks very delicious!


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