My sister was here for far too long. She was here in time for my birthday (in December) and left last Monday. It felt like she was here forever, permanently... almost... but then we had to say goodbye, like we always do and now I know that she was here for far too long because I miss her everyday.

When Alice muttered Shmo-py-poo this morning I cringed thinking simultaneously that dammit our children have ridiculous memories and Steph's (the caller of sumo-py-poo) is so damn far away.

Luckily they've figured out how to FaceTime and have actual conversations on my iphone while I do such fun things as vacuum in the background, telling them to ignore me and head off to the playroom to talk to auntie.

we'll settle for facetime for now because we have to... we're just biding our time until she makes it big out there and then we will have no choice other than to move out there too.