vintage shopping in Ottawa + a fair + photo 101

How was your weekend? Ours was a good one. Friday night Andrew and I pretended we were real adults and headed out vintage furniture shopping. We headed to old Ottawa South first to the Antique Market (no luck), Alteriors (far too pricey for us), and we tried stopping by the Warehouse at Champagne dit Lambert (in the back, in the basement) but they were closing down early (what's with all of the Ottawa furniture shops closing at five or six, we have jobs people). Our last stop before dinner was Found Design .We'd been once before with Alice and Isla in tow but this time we were able to take our time. We're looking for something really specific and it wasn't there this time around but we chatted with the woman working there and she was hopeful that it might turn up. Next stop was Chez Lucien for burgers and beer. We caught the late show of Maze Runner which was no better than the book... I should have known. 

Saturday we headed to our first fair with Alice and Isla... me with my real camera around my neck. 

We had a good time riding the old rides, eating ice cream and drinking old fashioned lemonade.

A couple of weeks ago I signed up for a course I'd been eyeing for quite some time. Nicole's Classes Photo 101. I'm a week in and surprised at how much is involved in shooting manual.

I'm also super aware of every photo that doesn't look right, like these two above ones that are far too dark.

It feels good to be learning something again and I already feel a problem in my future... the problem being that Nicole's classes offer a ton of enticing options.

How was your weekend?


  1. Is that photography class online? I purchased an online class like a year ago and still haven't gone through it. But I seriously need help with my pictures.

    The girls have THE CUTEST hair!!

    1. Yes it is, google Nicole's Classes or click on the link I just added in the post. It really helps. This one you had to commit for a certain timeframe which was good for me, otherwise I would have likely sat on it too.


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